true humility

The Difference between Godwriting and Most Other Writing

God said:

The difference between Godwriting and most other writing is that in what I say, there is no ego. That is it. Without ego, words go to the heart of the matter which is Truth. Yes, more often than not, I come from a different angle than you do. I always come from the same one angle, beloveds. I do not jump around. Truth is without ego, and that's the whole story.

A God with ego would not be a God. Now let's talk about you.

As ego fades, Truth arises. As your perceived need for ego fades, Truth arises.

God Be Praised

God said:

Beloveds, I am telling you how to see yourself. See yourself as the God Being that you are. It is for you to know what you are worth. Know it, and then be quiet about it. No one else needs to know. It is not for you to blab about. It is not for you to say a word about your worth. There are some things to be still about, and this is one. Keep your worth to yourself. In words I mean.

Who Is the Helper?

God said:

Refrain from others' pain, and you will have less of your own. There are many things for you to partake of, but another's pain is not one of them. You are not grander for taking on another's pain. That is not your role, although many of you have made that your role. You have thought of your role in another's life as solver of their pain, but that is not your role to fill. You cannot solve another's pain. Remove one thorn, and they will find another. Each must learn whatever it is that he has to learn.

You cannot feed the whole world. You cannot instruct the whole world.

Love Yourself More

God said:

You have judged yourself the most harshly of all.

Even when you extol yourself, you extol yourself because you think you have to make up for something. You feel you need to accrue worth to you because you have judged yourself not worth much.

Judge yourself anew.

Lift your shoulders high. Remember Whose creation you are.

Out of Judgment

God said:

Think of Me as God on Earth. Think of Me as God on Earth more than you think of Me as God in Heaven. Wherever I am is Heaven. Wherever you are is Heaven as well, if you only but knew. What if I were to tell you that the only Reality is Heaven? All else is false. All else is folly.

You were put on Earth to find Heaven. That is your simple task. Don't make it hard. Make it easy.

First, release judgment as a concept. All that you judge comes to pass in your own life. Judging is a kind of marriage. Your sneering is an invitation to that which you judge. It is as if you say:

The Dawning of You

God said:

Sometimes you think your veneer is your strength, but veneer is only a thin coat and is easily chipped. And then you feel depressed. But veneer is not your strength, and it never was. Veneer is your peeling ego, and when your ego is peeled, you feel depressed.

Congratulate pangs of depression because they let you know that your ego has been chipped. You, the heart of you, cannot be depressed, because you, the heart of you, is inviolate. Only that thin skin of ego can feel depressed. Some picture that you made in your mind started to dissolve. Its dissolution is inevitable.

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