The Dawning of You

God said:

Sometimes you think your veneer is your strength, but veneer is only a thin coat and is easily chipped. And then you feel depressed. But veneer is not your strength, and it never was. Veneer is your peeling ego, and when your ego is peeled, you feel depressed.

Congratulate pangs of depression because they let you know that your ego has been chipped. You, the heart of you, cannot be depressed, because you, the heart of you, is inviolate. Only that thin skin of ego can feel depressed. Some picture that you made in your mind started to dissolve. Its dissolution is inevitable.

When you have thought an imaginary picture was your truth, and that picture breaks, you feel shattered. But the shattering is no more true than the picture you mistakenly held. Truth cannot shatter, and what is not true never was true. The shattering of illusion is a breakthrough.

Humility does not mean you feel disdain from outside you. Humility does not mean you feel low any more than pride means you feel high. Those are momentary feelings that flush out your ego. Only ego feels high or low.

Neutrality means absence of ego. The core of you is your strength, not the ego. Ego is a fly-by-night errant arrogant fake. It is a dissembler, and like all dissembling, it doesn't last. It gets disassembled. It falls apart, and for that you must be glad because you seek what is true, not to hold on to what is false.

Laugh at your ego. It is laughable.

When you get your feelings hurt, be delighted.

Be glad for learning. What you are learning is that you are not your shredded ego. You are much more than that. You are learning to come into your own, and not believe in what another may behold. What they behold is their vision. You do not have to make it yours. I suggest that you know that the only vision that counts is Mine.

Pay attention to what I see, and then what the world or certain members of it think of you or of Me will fall by the wayside. What others think will assume its rightful place. What matters is what I think of you. What matters is that you know what I think.

When you know Our shared strength, the energy of the universe is yours.

A giant pays no mind to littleness. He sees it for what it is and he knows that it cannot slow him or detract him from his step. And you walk with giants. And you are a giant.

You do not have feathers to be ruffled.

And if you did, what would it matter? When your attention is on My love, what does ruffling matter?

Avail yourself of My strength. It is for you. Accept My strength and not the opinion of others.

When something weighs heavily on you, you know it is not from Me. If it is not from Me, then it is from ego. Ego responds to ego. Truth responds to truth.

So the question today is: What do you respond to? Choose.

I suggest you respond to My love. You already know what love is not. It is not accolades from the world. It is not patting of your ego. Patting of ego is patting of ego. It is not love.

Set your sights high, My beloveds. Set your sights high. You stand above the maelstrom around you. Look up at Me and know what love is, and know it is for you.

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This must be an important

This must be an important message, and good news, for many; it certainly is for me: Pangs of depression do not mean you are "still doing it wrong the same old dumb way". They mean you are on the right track, so much so that you can even welcome them as signs of your healing. It's not always the same old pit you fall into. No need to feel helpless and powerless. You are growing. Very good news indeed.

And this sounds like a new game: When you get your feelings hurt, be delighted. Perhaps it is fun, who knows when we never looked at it this way?

Interestingly, there is a

Interestingly, there is a blog entry coming up in the next few days about taking things personally and the resultant hurt feelings. I had forgotten all about this Heavenletter. How well God says everything.