How to Fulfill Your Desires

Gloria to God:

Dear God, the morning You answered Nancy's request to free her from her spending-guilt and her husband's anxiety, I was late in getting HEAVEN typed, and it didn't get sent out until that night. Nancy called me before Your response had reached her.

What I want to say is it seems that Your answer, Your love, and Your clearing of her path had occurred and reached her before your printed words did.

She was a new woman, God! Her voice had a lightness and buoyancy. She had signed up for two classes without guilt. She had already reminded herself that she never denied herself before her marriage. It seemed like everything You said in Your answer she had received and responded to before she saw the written message.


Did you think that My children had to hear My answer in order to heal? Did you think that more than request and intention were needed? Did I not tell you that anything can be healed in an instant? Now do you believe Me?


I am beginning to! And here is Nancy's written response:

Nancy to Gloria:

Dear Gloria, at this time I don't think I have more questions for God. His last response was really wonderful to read. I felt good about registering for the Pottery Class and the Class for Quilt making.

I reread God's answer to Caroline about desires, and I think I understand. God said to prioritize, so that our most important "needs"/desires are certain to be taken care of.

He said: "It is very strong, this desiring, because it is the whole reason you are here — to fulfill My desires through yourself, thus becoming closer to Me."

Well, do I have desires! Pottery and quilt-making are only the beginning.

I am grateful for the peace that I have now. I will have to work on knowing that I am worthy of every desire that I have.

Again, thank you, Gloria, for getting such clear answers for me.

But if I had a question for God, it would be this:

As long as we remember that our desires are for growth and enjoyment and to know God, does it matter how much we desire? What is the best way to achieve the desires that we have and continue to grow closer to God?

And thank You, God, for the peace that I am feeling.


God to Nancy:

Well, Nancy, obviously you do have some questions! It is not if you did! It is you do!

Your two questions are really one, but We will look at your second one first: How to fulfill your desires, including the desire to grow closer to Me.

The answer is: As you are. Allow Me in. Welcome Me. To surrender to Me is to sink into My arms. That's all.

Nancy, one might say you were "reduced" to tears in your surrender to Me. I would say you were elevated to tears in your surrender to Me. You turned your tear-filled face to Me and waited receptively. You opened to Me and were able to receive. I do not say that tears bring Me or are a requirement. Surrender is.

I would like to point out, dear Nancy, that you have released your husband. You are not making yourself responsible for him. You are surrendering him. You are freeing yourself, and you are freeing him!

For your first question, were you asking if there is a limit on how many questions you can have? The answer is no limit.

If you were asking about intensity of desire, sometimes all it takes is recognizing your desire.

You have come to recognize your desire for Me, dear Nancy. It was always there. You were born with it. Now it has surfaced.

It would seem that desire for Me would have to be strong. This is so only so that you can shed former ideas and attachments. If there were not so much incorrect instruction in the world (never mind, forgive the world), then desire for Me would be like any other.

Some desires are so light and simple and without attachment that you hardly hold the thought of the desire. This is a perfect balance of desire and letting go.

There are other factors in addition to desire. They are: realization, motive, choice, and decision.

You notice your desire. That is realization of it.

What do you want to come of this desire? That is motive behind it. You want to act on desires that are in line with truth. You want pottery and quilting because they give you joy, Nancy, and bring you closer to Me and My joy. If you signed up for classes in order to "show" your husband, the beneficial value from the same classes would not be gained.

You have a choice of desire. One desire may be an idle desire. One may be a dream. A desire may be fleeting. Then let it go.

You do not control your desires, but you can make decisions in regard to them. You can choose to wait on a desire. You can choose to let everything else go and run for it. It is your desire and your choice, and how you choose is your decision.

Easy desire is an expression I once coined. You cannot make a desire. Desires come of themselves.

Behind every desire is the desire for closeness to Me.

Although you know that your true desires will bring you closer to Me, in terms of the world, you do not always know where your desires and I will take you, but you know know you are with Me.

With the fruition of every desire, you look to My applause.

Nancy, I want to tell you Welcome. Know that you bring many with you to My feet.


Here is Diane's response to the answer You gave to her question from yesterday:


Dear Gloria, I just read God's response. I am so excited I must respond right now.

Dear God, you are absolutely right about my avoiding using Your Name to directly address you, but I can't tell you how many times a day I indirectly address You. Good God, oh My God, Jesus Lord, Jesus Christ.

I think I have thought a loving, accepting Father was too good to be true. I think I have felt unworthy of such a Father.

I waited until the very end of the day to read your response. I am thoroughly delighted! And amazed! And Grateful! You are one Extremely Cool Dude. And what a great sense of humor! You are very easy to talk to.

Your point about being responsible for others is true. In fact, I try to be You. That is part of my difficulty in addressing You. If I am so busy being in charge of everyone, and feel like I am doing it alone, I think that what I need more than anything is more rest.

What a relief to think of letting You run things.

Dear God, thank You so much for inviting me home. My heart is ready to leap over to Yours.


God to Diane:

Bless you, Diane. My blessings fall upon you. You are inundated with My blessings. All you have to do is pick them up.

You can talk to Me yourself and write to Me yourself. I am not saying you have to, but that option is there.

Many treasures are coming to you. Open your arms and get ready!

Gloria to God:

Dear God, I am humbly overwhelmed at such great response from people You have helped. And there is another remarkable response and question from Margaret for tomorrow!


You cannot be humbly overwhelmed. Humble is doing your job. You are just the operator at the switchboard. You make the connections — no, I am the Operator — you are just the switchboard.

If you feel overwhelmed, you must think you are doing something, but switchboards just do what switchboards are set up to do. A switchboard makes the connections, but is not the connector itself. Whatever messages come in, the switchboard just does what it does and is impartial to all.

You can be happy to be a switchboard, however, and I know you are.