honoring God

Circulate What You Want to Receive

God said:

Everything in life circulates. Air does. Books do. Thoughts do. Everything in life recharges itself. When you are out in life, you circulate. But when you stay in, you also do. It is impossible not to circulate. All of life is a meeting with one circulating thing or another.

You even have been known to circulate the past, recycle it and bring it to the present.

Love circulates. Love steps out of the past. Forms of love may hold onto the past, but the love I speak of can only be present.

Yes, God!

God said:

I am the Nothingness from which everything comes. And I am the Everythingness. And you are an embodiment of Me. I am embodied in you. I Who have no physical form exist within you. You could not have come into your existence (My Existence) without My breath upon you.

What is My breath but the absence of everything but love?

I breathed love into you, My love, gave it to you so you could embark on a journey through the journey called life. Your own journey. No one else's. Yours. All journeying the same, and none alike.

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