Holy Birth

God said:

The Magi followed the stars. They did not follow the world. They set out to find something beautiful, and so they found it.

A star descended to earth. A baby was born. That is the story of your life as well, only your birth has not been given its due.

Note was taken of the birth of this child in Bethlehem. The attention on him was as it should be. He was given to earth as a blessing, and received as a blessing. Humanity became his Godparents.

If every child were given his due and greeted as that baby, the blessedness of birth would be known, and newborns all would be the blessings to the world they are intended to be. As I have given them to be.

Whatever the circumstances of your birth, welcome yourself now.

Born in a manger or in a hospital, born to wealth or born to poverty, your birth was auspicious. Now it needs to be known as so. You need to know so.

Deliver yourself from circumstances.

You are a child of God. So be it.