Heavenletter Quotes

Heavenletter quotes are profound and powerful extracts from Heavenletters. You will find these quotes displayed in various parts of the website on the lefthand side. You may submit your own quotes and submit a Heart Meter rating for each quote. Here's a listing of quotes ordered by the highest Heart Meter rating.

Godwriting dissolves blocks

Bev: "Dear God, sometimes I have resistance to writing to you."

God: "Writing is the action that helps release the blocks. You write to Me, and blocks within yourself are dissolved."

God is masculine or feminine? God or Goddess?

"I am God. I am Everything. I am God the Father and God the Mother. But I am neither male nor female and I am both. I am all.

"Male and female are energies. He and She are manners of speaking. All words are metaphors for the energy they represent.

"If you call to Me as Mother Divine, I bear that in mind in My answer. But it is you who calls Me Mother Divine or Father God.

"I am I, whatever form I appear to you in. I am I, no matter what form you like Me to be in.

"How you address Me is up to you. It doesn't matter to Me. You matter to Me, and I will respond to your heart."

The Engagement of God and Man

"I, Oneness, talk as though I am Another. But would you have Me be quiet? Would you silence Me. Would you have Me listen only to your individuated thoughts?

"Or would you listen to your Wholeness which is what you hear when I speak?

"Let it be Our game. Let Us play Our roles. Yes, it is all I anyway, and if you could grasp, it is all you all the same.

"But meanwhile We engage in conversation. We roll over Our thoughts.

"The time will come when you are fully aware of Our Oneness, and even then We will play."

Heaven is a name for the truth

"Be with Me, and you will know the peace that Heaven brings. Stay with Me, and you will know it forever, for Heaven is a name for the truth of life."

In God's Kingdom

"The ground under you is comforting, but The Heavens above are your foundation. Put more attention on the Heavens above, and your fears will have nowhere to go but away."

So that all may see

"Your heart rises, and your life follows. You have thought that your heart follows your life, but it is life that follows your heart. Your life is limited when your heart can only bounce up or down according to what is going on around it."

Our Toast of Oneness

"You are a delightful toast I raise to Myself. I raise My glass so high that no one misses the sight of it, and all clink their cups with Mine. This is a unique toast We make. We clink stars. We clink the Sun and the Moon. We clink to Our Impermeable Oneness. To Our Oneness."

Awareness of me

"Only your awareness of Me has to be reawakened, and for that you have your heart which touches Me greatly. As it touches me, you are touched. Something happens between Us. It is your awareness that happens."

The love of Your Life

"My Will is for My love to shine and to shine everywhere through you."

Our Story is a Love Story Quote

"How you deal with Me is how you deal in life. How you meet Me and how far or close, that is your story. Or how you run away, for how long and how We meet again. It is a love story, Our story."