Heaven News February 24, 2009

"God said take My Word
You exist because of Me
I made you come true"

Karen’s Haiku from Heavenletter #2996 Under the Umbrella of Strength

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Kambala who runs an


Kambala who runs an orphanage in India is translating Heavenletters into Hindi, printing them, and handing them out. Many thanks, Kambala.

annie claude badrot

Now Annie Claude Badrot has joined Christine Duriat as a French translator.
Merci bien, cheres, for your many beautiful translations!

To all of the angels who translate, can you imagine what a gift you give to the world. We are in gratitude for your golden service. Every Heavenletter absorbed into our collective consciousness is a blessing.

Godwriting Workshop - Phoenix Area. Hearts are waiting to dance!

carol Maurer

When? Saturday and Sunday, March 7 and 8
What time? 1 P.M. to 5 P.M.
Where? Unity Church 10101 West Coggins Drive, Sun City

This is 1 Workshop on 2 Consecutive Days. (Come both days.)

Leave message for Carol Adler 480-897-4452. Or email godwriting@heavenletters.org or carol9844@gmail.com

Carol Maurer is sponsoring this workshop with Carol Adler's significant help. Carol Maurer took care of all arrangements and all expenses, including travel and housing. Both Carols have big hearts and requests a contribution of $75 for this workshop. (The going-rate is $125.)

Thank you for making advance payment through Paypal. The account to use is:
contributions [at] Heavenletters [dot] org Be sure to say that this is for the Phoenix Godwriting workshop.

Thank you, Carols, for all you are doing to make God our reality.

Responses to Heaven Sutras

heaven sutras

“Terrific!” Bernie Siegel, Connecticut

"More More More Please Pretty Please!" Jack Van Raders, Australia

"Oh my this is beautiful beyond words !!! you could make us taste some more, could you dear ?????" Berit Delani, Italy [Yes, Berit, we will!]

"How lovely!" Trevalyn

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It’s incredibly beautiful!" Pam Leach, Michigan

"This is so beautiful. I will share the calendar well. "Georgeann Dau

"It's beautiful! Namaste." Thomas

"I would like to thank you a thousand times for your wonderful calendar. What a gift from Heaven to us all! I will print it. The sutras are pearls of supreme quality. "Emilia, Italy

Heaven Sutras™ 2009 Calendar - Rolodex with top border background
Heaven Sutras™ 2009 Calendar - Booklet with left border background
Heaven Sutras™ 2009 Calendar - Rolodex
Heaven Sutras™ 2009 Calendar - Booklet

For printing options, see

By the way, Cecilia Ricardni of Argentina is translating the Heaven Sutras into Spanish for us. Cecilia, you focus so well and move so fast that I won’t be surprised if you have already finished!

[Update from Santhan: Cecilia messaged me last night with the news that the translations have been completed. We'll have a Spanish version ready to roll out before the weekend.]

The One Who Made the Heaven Sutras Calendar Book


You may have wondered what Heaven Admin looks like! Here he is! Here is the creative and tech angel who does EVERYTHING for Heavenletters.

Many thanks to Yacu for this portrait. Yacu is Heaven's artist in residence. To see more of Yacu's work (play) go to http://www.heavenletters.org/heavenletters-comics Open up those comics! By the way, Yacu, aka Mauro, when do we see your self-portrait?

New Angels Spread Heavenletters - how far it goes, nobody knows!


Allan of Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show www.heaventoearth.com featured Heavenletters in his latest newsletter. Allan wrote:

This beautiful Heavenletter, #3001 "One Family, One World", of dear friend, multiple time Bridging guest, and collaborator, beloved Gloria Wendroff, eloquently speaks of "Oneness.”

We would also like to congratulate Gloria and everyone associated with making Heavenletters possible with its recent 3000th Heavenletter. What an accomplishment and what an extraordinary gift to the world. We thank you all!

Heavenletter™ Bridging Shows on YouTube:
# 200: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcluYdK1fYs
# 175: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQ_6w-ZKkjk

[Note from Gloria: We have reached the 3000th NUMBERED Heavenletter. We have about a thousand more Heavenletters from before it dawned on me to number them!]

Anne Marie

Anne-Marie Mueller Walthar, a Swiss diplomat’s wife in Hong Kong,
is spreading French translations around the world via her facebook page

Anne-Marie writes:

For anyone interested in spirituality, daily free Heavenletters delivered around the world. En français Lettres du Paradis

Anne-Marie also discovered French Heavenletters on this site: http://terrenouvelle.ca/Messages/2009/01/16/vous-verrez/ If you are the wonderful person doing this, please let us know who you are!

2 New YouTube Presentations

Mary Josephine Hession, www.maryhession.com, created these beautiful presentations:

The Source and Goal of All Love, #2556, translated into Portuguese by Ana Sanchez http://www.youtube.com/watch?gl=GB&hl=en-GB&v=R0xmw8Gfs9s

Heaven Sutras! Mary’s presentation just flows beautifully!

Mary also suggested that we take out a YouTube Channel just for Heavenletters.
What a great idea! Heaven Admin is working on it.

Mary also offered to do more for the Heaven Sutras and spread the word about them to the many people and groups she knows in Spain and around the world. Go for it, dear Mary.


The Regulars

Heartfelt continued thanks to Lady Isis http://home1.gte.net/ladyisis/index.htm and Russ Michael WWW.RussMichaelEbooks.com who publish Heavenletters every day in their daily newsletters and to Chee www.cosmiclighthouse.com who publishes a Heavenletter in every newsletter he sends out. In addition, there are many many who include Heavenletters daily on their Yahoo and Myspace sites, more than I have been able to keep track of. Please let us know who you are.

Christine Duirat also found more sites that publish French translations every day!
And if you are the wonderful people who are doing this, please let us know who you are!

We know who is sharing the German translations on this site:www.gmg-materialien.de It is Theophil Balz, one of Heaven's German translators. Please know how grateful we are to you for all you do

Dear Heavenreaders, God gives us Heavenletters

God gives us Heavenletters, and he gives us all of you to read them. You must know that you are integral to Heavenletters. You give us great joy. We are so happy you are here. We want to know what you have to say, and yet the time has come when it is no longer possible for us to read and/or respond personally to all emails.

For this, we have a beautiful solution.

The Heaven Team and I – and many others – will love to read your comments on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum and we will respond whenever possible. Your posts don’t have to be masterpieces. From your heart is wonderful. If you are shy to post, will you post anyway!

An easy way to post your comments is to press the Add Comment link you will find at the end of the text of every Heavenletter. That link will take you to a box where you can type in what you are thinking and feeling.

There is also the Godwriting blog www.godwriting.org which gives us an opportunity to know each other very well. You will certainly find out all about me there!

Thank you for your kind consideration. (Also, will you refrain from forwards, dear ones. They slow down my computer and sometimes crash it.)

Of course, email me personally when you have a personal question to ask God. This has to be confidential. (Please read the guidelines for asking personal questions of God. http://www.heavenletters.org/askgod.html )

Other exceptions are when you have a photo to send for Heaven News and/or the Reader Comments page of the web site, or are registering for the Phoenix workshop!

God bless you.

With love,

Gloria and the Spectacular Heaven Team

End God Quote

" God said believe Me
You are an infinite link
Of the Universe "

Karen’s Haiki from #2996 Under the Umbrella of Strength

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