Hear with Your Heart

God said:

One of the hardest things in the world for you is to feel that you are not heard. That is hard for you with people, and that is especially hard for you when you feel I do not hear you, for then you feel you are the voice in the wilderness calling out. No one answers. You call out in vain.

As far as other people go, they have their own agendas, and sometimes people cannot let you in, and they may respond as if they did not hear, or they may, indeed, not hear.

My dear children, you do not need to be heard by others. You may have to speak, but no one has to hear you. But that does not mean it is all right for you to go around not hearing others. Your regard matters. Theirs toward you does not.

You are a speaker and a listener. You cannot make anyone else hear you, but you can listen nevertheless. It is not so important that someone else hear you, but it is important that you hear. It is important that you who hear Me be open to hearing others as well but not make too much of what they say or do not say.

You hear Me now. You want to be someone who hears. And you want to hear with your heart. Your ears hear words. Your heart hears messages.

Let your heart be a heart that hears. Hear even the silence of others. Not so long ago, you may have been the one who did not answer.

Let people respond to you or not as they choose. That will make you more like Me.

There are those who do not hear Me who say I do not hear them. They say I do not hear their pleas, and they say I do not answer them. Sometimes they say I hear their pleas but still do not answer.

I am speaking all the time. That means My love is going out every moment. I pour out love. My love reaches everywhere. It reaches you. You may not have noticed. You have perhaps put energy into not noticing, for you are looking for Me to come in one door when I may well have entered by another.

Some of you may have been expecting Me not to answer you. And you have a certain grunt of satisfaction when you do not hear Me because that proves you right. You do not hear; therefore, you say I did not speak. And so it seems that you have scored a victory.

The more you hear Me, the less concerned you are whether or not others hear you. But the more you hear Me, the greater your own listening and seeing will be. Your ears and eyes and hearts expand along with My Voice. It cannot be otherwise.

Here it is: you do not hear Me for yourself alone. You also hear for others who do not hear.

Just as when you are walking along and someone near you stumbles, your arm goes out to help them — in the same way, you hear for others. The more you hear, the more others will be able to. Without one word from you, they will hear better, for you are an amplifier.

The more I am heard, the more I am heard.

The more you see, the more you see.

The more you understand, the more you understand.

And understanding is communicated.

For those dear ones of you who want more satisfaction from Me, who want better answers, who want more evidence of Me, who want to hear My Voice more than anything, who are disappointed in Me, who find Me lacking heart, who find Me the causer of pain in the world, who find themselves bereft of Me, turn your bleeding hearts toward Me, offer them to Me, demand nothing, receive everything.

When you require that I fulfill your desire in the way you insist is right, you are trying to limit Me to one channel. I cannot be limited. You must expand.

It is as if We are taking a long walk. You say you need to rest now.

I say, "A little further."

You say, "No, God, this is where I want to sit. I like this rock to sit on, and I like the water here."

You say this because you do not know every turn of the road that would arise if you were to sit on the rock you choose. Nor do you know beforehand the turn of the road when you do come along with Me.

I know a good place ahead for you to sit and rest. I know of a well from which you may drink and a vine from which you can pluck grapes. Unbeknownst to you, there is reason to follow My lead without dragging your feet or sulking. But you cannot see far enough. You can see only so far.

There is no end to Our journey. And I know the way. You think you do.

Anyway, all you can do is come along with Me. Here, take My hand.