God's words

A Sense of God

Gloria to God:

Dear God, I just reread what you said yesterday. It was so uplifting and beautiful, about being a carrier of You and being one of Your blessings on earth. But I must have forgotten during the day, because, although yesterday had many high points, I got into stress, and it was just a day.


Today hold the thought of Who you are. Keep the thought with you. Don't abandon it.

God's Touch

God said:

There is a Golden Touch to what I say. More than the words, more than the structure, more than the thoughts, there is an invisible silent blessing from Me. You cannot hear it. You cannot see it. You cannot touch it. And yet My Golden Touch touches you.

Take all My words away, and My Golden Touch remains. Erase, and My love within Heavenletters remains like invisible ink. Take an eraser and erase My written words from your notebook, and still an impression is left. My words once spoken are spoken. What I say stands. Nothing topples it.

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