God's Shining Light

God said:

You are not sure whether I am saying "simple" life or "symbol" life. It does not matter. Both are true. Life is simple when you don't complicate it. And your life is a symbol of many songs sung and yet to be sung.

Can life be a metaphor for life?

Consider what are the themes of your life.

If your life were written in a book, what kind of a book would it be? What genre? What would the words on the book jacket say? What kind of book would you like your life to write? What moves the protagonist of your life? What do you search for? And what do you find?

What chapter are you writing next?

There is a tone to every book, and the being of the writer is revealed.

Reveal yourself more. Reveal the truth of you more.

No matter how long or how short your book, you are writing it now. There is no ending to your book. There is no final page. It keeps writing. Each chapter influences another, and yet each stands on its own. Each chapter is a beginning. Each word writes a new script.

I will tell you that your book is more heroic than you realize. You know more than you give yourself credit for. You are an embodiment of life, and it is life that you herald.

Zest for life is not dependent upon the next chapter. Zest is not even in finding out what comes next. Zest is in the moment of consciousness that you are. You are. You exist. You are a high being on earth. You are a world traveler. You are a traveler of galaxies. You are star-borne. You are completeness fulfilling itself.

You really travel nowhere. Your being fills everything, and you catch glimpses. You remember certain things, and you call that travel. It is your heart and mind that travel regardless of your body or the state of it. You are independent of your body and where it has been. You zing along the universe, yet you think the universe is wrapped around you. You think you are confined. That was a conclusion you drew based upon physical evidence.

Draw another conclusion.

Consider that your pen keeps writing. It keeps moving forward, and yet it is your hand moving the pen that touches the paper. But it is truly your heart and mind that write. Your heart and mind tell the pen what marks to make on the paper.

Consider your life a scroll. The scroll of your life fell from Heaven. You hold on to this scroll of you, and as you read and write, your handwriting rises back to its origin. Actually, in truth, you write from on high. You always write at the top of the scroll, do you see? You just have turned yourself around for a moment and forgotten your place.

You are trying to find yourself in the words of your life. You roll and unroll the papyrus of you. You are evidenced in your script, but you are higher than any events you have written down. You are higher than any perceptions you have had. Your story is not long or short. Your story is not in the words on the paper. The writer is the story. You are your own story.

And what a life you write! What a scope! Even through your perambulations, your heart soars to great heights. You are a soarer of life. Consider yourself a surmounter no longer. You are a soarer. You are an eagle who flies.

The energy of you sweeps through life like the wind, and the rustle of you lingers in the leaves. You bring life to the planet. You restore it by your very being.

Now restore recognition of who you are to yourself. Claim yourself. You are ticketed to the universe. Reach high, and you will find yourself. Only by reaching high, will you find your identity.

You have been groping too low for the light switch. It isn't there. It's up higher. You have to reach up, not down. Reach up higher.

If there were a movie made of your present life on earth, what music would you like to be played?

If a portrait were to be painted of you, which artist would you choose to paint it?

Do not settle. Expand your grasp of your life. You are not a small cog in it. You are the star of it. You star in your own life.

Which star in the sky do you believe you are? or are from?

What season of the year are you? Which season do you chose to be?

What color are you? What color do you choose to dip your brush in?

There is more to you than meets the eye. That is what you must know. There is no border around you. There is nothing to jump over. You are not hedged in.

Let your light (My light in you) radiate further, and you will see that there is no extent to you. You are beyond extent. You are light that radiates. You are light years ahead of where you think you are. Catch up to yourself. It is you who has been beyond your grasp only because you thought so.

You are within My heart. And I am everywhere at all times. It has ever been so. And you are the same. You are My universal eternal Self catapulted to earth for a moment in a thought. Exceed your thinking. Come to Mine. I give you a whole range of thought. Accept more of it. Accept all of it. Accept yourself as I do accept you. You are My shining light on earth.