God's Immortal Love

God said:

Although all the love in the world is Mine, no other love equals Mine. Remember to seek to give love rather than to receive it. This does not mean that you ignore your perceived needs. It just means you come to Me for them. The Human being isn't the Fulfiller; I am. And when two or more love Me together, when two or more share that same love, you begin to remember there are no needs. Need does not exist where I am, and I exist everywhere all the time in every dimension.

You sputter: "But I do have needs, God."

I say again: You have only one, and that is I. And that is how you have no need, for you are never without Me. Pause a moment to feel My love for you. You cannot measure it. It is immeasurable, My love for you. But you can absorb it. You can absorb more of it. Drink of My love. Imagine My love as pure sweet cream pouring upon you from Heaven until you are immersed in it. Bathe in the sweet cream of My love. Feel its nourishment. It enters your pores. You will not disintegrate in My love. You will not be hardened either. You will be tempered in My love.

Or imagine My love as rosy light that cushions and warms you, and you are immersed in it. The light comes to you from all directions, and you are lighted and return My light in all directions. You can do nothing else.

Or imagine My love as the scent of sweet roses. Note how that scent becomes part of you. You breathe it in, and you breathe it out. You lean back into a bower of My love. You lie in a hammock, and the scent of roses covers you like a blanket.

Or imagine My love like an exquisite rose wine that colors your cheeks. You are intoxicated with it. You are under the spell of My love.

Or imagine My love like the singing of a chorus of birds in a faraway tree. Their song reverberates in you. You almost feel the music on your skin, it is so much a part of you. And then you become the song the birds sing.

But to what can My love for you really be compared to? Anything you can think of is merely a token of it, this, My undeniable love. All the sweet cream, all the rosy light, all the roses of the world, all the rose wine, all the sweet singing are but dabs and dribbles of My eternal love, so vast is My love.

So then, what little event on earth can tear you from My love?

Even if you were seemingly alone floating in the middle of the ocean, you would be floating in My love.

Even if you were seemingly alone, falling in midair, you would be buoyed by My love. You would be immersed in clouds of it.

But you ascribe more power to other things than you do to My love. Sometimes you think that everything else is more powerful than My love. Sometimes you think that any little thing that appears to block your view is more powerful than My love. You must think that, or you would not be so easily dissuaded from My love.

Sometimes you believe in TV commercials more than you do My love. You run to buy what they say, while you ration and box My love, and leave it for another time.

You notice physical evidence more than you notice My love.

Popcorn pops, but My love is leaven. It lifts you. My love rises within you. It rises within you now.