A Vagabond of God's Heart

God said:

Whether you seek Me consciously or not, I seek you. It is like I am panning for gold. In My search for the loveliness of your soul, I never get tense or edgy as you may do while panning for gold, for I know exactly where the gold is, and I know with the confidence borne of God that I will find it and claim it for My Own. This is not selfishness on My part.


God said:

When you look up, literally and figuratively, you meet My eye. In truth, there are no directions, but on earth, you are surrounded by direction, and so you must look up. When you look up — the actual act of looking up — presents you with another dimension. Your looking up reminds you of Heaven. Your looking up is a signal to you. It signals that I am, and that I am for you.

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