God Is for All

God said:

All you have to do is lift the veil off your eyes. Do you agree that you have been looking through shields? It is the strangest thing that you avert your eyes from Mine.

But now you can see. Take your hands off your eyes. Open your fingers, and let My light come through. Let Me see into your eyes. Let Me have that joy.

For you are indeed My joy. If you would believe that, with what alacrity your life would change. Your whole mode of existence would change. There would be a quickening of your step. Your feet would hardly alight. You would reveal My light exquisitely.

And, of course, you are My light. You are a firefly of light. You beacon Mine. Your journey in life is coming to realize what light you are. When you perceive that, even just a glimpse of that, your attention changes from the paltry to the magnificent.

Your whole scope changes. You think in bigger terms. Not so much in terms of your life or a particular event close to you. You think in terms of life entire, and you see that all of life is close to you. You become its parent. You parent life. You minister to life. You make life easier. You help it out.

Instead of enclosing yourself, you open the universe. You open it for all. And therefore your life expands. You find that you are on a frontier of life, and you are a leader of it, and what do leaders do but make the way easier for those who accompany and follow.

You cut the brambles. You hold back branches so others may pass. Your existence becomes greater than it is now because you begin to see the inter-relatedness of everything with everything. You begin to see how you affect the universe powerfully. You begin to see your significance.

As you see your significance, you see the significance of others. Once you see the significance of truth, you can no longer live for just yourself. You cannot deny Truth any longer. You raise the horizon of the universe. You open the gates of Heaven, and you hold them open as you did the brambles for others to pass through. You pave the way, and you hold open the gates.

You are an opener of life. You used to think you had to catch it, or avoid it, and now you know that you are an opener of life. You no longer wait for someone else to open up life. You hesitate no longer. You are the one.

This is a happy realization for you. Now you know that you breathe for all. Now you know that you venture forth for all. Now that you begin to know your magnificence, you cannot stay in your corner any longer. You have to get up. You cannot sit still any longer. You become the host of life. You host it.

You are the greeter. You greet everyone to it. You give everyone something. You meet them with something, and you leave them with something. No longer can you pass through others' lives unnoticed, nor can you any longer ignore the heartbeat of others or pretend that you do.

You are a representative of all on earth. If you are My agent, you represent My constituency entire. You are My hopes and My dreams for earth, and you are the revealer of them. You give morsels of Me out to all in your path. You leave Me everywhere. You leave something of Me everywhere. You leave tokens of God. In the sway of your passage, you leave the message, in one way or another, that God is, and God has been in this place, and God is for all.