God Calls You to Him II

God said:

Note: This one very long Heavenletter, with God’s blessings, reveals itself here in two parts:

Part A: I, God, Place My Thoughts Like Jewels in Ordinary People

Beloved, when you were a child and someone made up a good fortune for you, you didn’t hear anything about God’s thoughts gathering forth within you or anyone, as in the days when the ability for everyone to hear from God was favored. Later in the world, this ability may have become frowned on.

What seems to have become frowned on in modern days is when I place My thoughts like jewels in ordinary hearts. There were those who would actually aspire to receive My thoughts, and I would still actually talk to every One One on One, that I would give a high sign to you, kiss your brow, surprise you, and bless you.

Oneness is! You and I have always been One. One. One. There is to be no surprise that Oneness is established on Earth forevermore.

I sweep you up now in a stream of Truth and Images of Oneness of My listening to you and your listening to Me. Innocently, you accept the Words offered to you the same way as little children receive snowflakes on their tongue to melt. Wonders of Wonders, My thoughts circle in the Heavens for you as lightly as air.

You say:

“God,’ I ask, “do thoughts occur to me as they occur to you? Can this be? Do Your thoughts fall on me?

“I may have heard thoughts from You, God, as a matter of course, all my life. Is this true that you have always been talking to Me? Have You whispered to me in the middle of the night and in broad daylight?”

Beloved, I, God of Oneness, tell you that My thoughts fall to Earth. You are swept up in a stream of thoughts that come from somewhere. How? Why? As ever, My thoughts fall to you. My thoughts are like a bird at hand – this isn’t new.

I speak to you who write down My messages and to all who read My messages. You may be certain that you, an Honest-to-Goodness Godwriter or Heavenreader, receive Me in all languages. In all your Grace, you hear Me and I listen to you.

Write as fast as you can. You can hardly keep up, so it seems, whereas you are Infinitely in the Presence of God and never away from My Presence.

Some passages you hear in My Omnipresence seem to be slow and lingering. Never mind about paragraphs and punctuation. Of what value are they to you, such small man-made rules?

Sometimes you wander into My heart, one sentence at a time, or in a few words slowly like rose petals of thoughts that wander in, in a sentence or two or one word at a time. There is no telling. Words may be more powerful than you know – words slowly, words in a waterfall, words bespeaking Our Oneness and love.

My Words have been following you all your life. You want to be here with Me forever, and, of course, so you are. My God-whispered words that you are sure are unforgettable are so effervescent that, on occasion, they may fly off like birds on the wing. This can happen just at the moment My Song wants to sing itself.

The song still resides somewhere substantial in the perhaps Universe but gone from your recall. So far as you know, these precise words are never to be written again, ever-wandering by themselves in the Heavens like lost children. My Words, the elixir of the Gods, alight somewhere Holy. My words do not forget themselves.

Part B: Come, Warm Yourself by My Fire

Beloved, in Heaven, all is well. Beloved, in Heaven, there is no straining to remember. Nothing is lost except as you say it is.

I am never lost. I never forget My One Self.

You wonder how you can know with confidence that you are actually Godwriting or if you are in the middle of an idle reverie?

Take Me at face value, Beloved.

Hear Me. Hear your Self. How blessed are you to hold Me in your heart and hand.


“Thank You, Beloved God, for loving me and the world enough to make Your Oneness known.Thank You, God, for Our One Being and Your starring in One Heart. Yes, God, it is of thee, I sing.

“God, did You pick me up and plop me down here on Earth? I have no recollection of how I got here.”

Now, I, God, speak:

“Beloved, you have ever been here. This is the whole story. You have never been away. I have never been away.

“Now, We can say you are more one-pointed. Beloved, My Self, We are Divinely swimming in One Stream Together now.

“Hello, My Self, One!”