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Understanding peace and spirituality

Global Youth Peace Conference Thailand

WSYC is a global youth forum for understanding peace and spirituality.

Taking off from the land of my pride "Nepal", I was thinking there must be something in that big sky, but I found nothing. I had to come back to my earth to see things and do something for it.

"Thailand" - beautiful country with many beautiful minds and hearts. I was taken to a resort (As if I was in a dreamland, wonderful place) where I met all of my youth forum friends - those friends who possess pure hearts. Why aren't people everywhere with the same characteristics? Why not every single person?

Great monks of Dhammakaya Foundation were dedicated to teach us the Middle Way Meditation. The five days meditation cleared my heart and soul too. Everyday was like a Sadhana for me.

"Magha Puja" was the biggest ceremony in my life. Millions of people sitting and meditating together; the lights and everything were so amazing for me. All the people were thinking of one thing: "Peace". This is where peace begins.

Living in a country like Nepal, studying in India and reading news of the world, I used to think there is no hope. I came to see that there are people who are really dedicated. But joining WSYC -Oh my God!- there are millions of people all over this world thinking of the same thing: "Peace". But why aren't we seeing more peace in the world? My friends, Dr Nina Ji, Father Terry, Ping Ping Ji, coming from different countries, are also asking the same question as I am.

Now I can tell my fellows here in Nepal - the youths, children and the organization YSP, SOP, Peace Home- that if we do something good, there are people all around the world who are with us.

"Arise Awake Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached"

"May Peace Prevail On Earth"

Samrat Nath Yogi

On behalf of C.M. Yogi