From Whence Greatness Comes

God said:

What was Christ but an angel on earth? And what are you? You are the same. All you have to do is to proclaim your angelhood.

If you are made in My image, what would that mean if not that you are My messenger. My messengers are named angels. I do not disguise My angels. If you are in disguise, you have disguised yourself. You have disguised yourself from yourself. Once you see who you are, you will reveal who you are. It will be simple revealment. You will ply your trade with more light. You will be your own headlight. You will light your way, and others will also see because of your light. You will light My way, and so I will be seen.

The importance of light and the importance of seeing. The importance of you and the importance of Me. You are My import. I sent you to earth as My messenger. You must receive My message before you can deliver it.

Let your life be My message. Live your life in such a way that My existence will be known. Let it be known that one such as you can only exist through God. Let your life be so wonderful that there is no doubt of greatness, and that greatness comes from Me. From where else could it come? And who can reveal it if not you?

Hear Me, your God Who speaks.

Let Me speak through you.

Let Me shine through you.

Be My lighted Self on earth.

Be Truth.

Be My love on earth.

You do not have to magnify My love. You just have to be it. You just have to be you, you unadorned. You need no adornment. Adornment has nothing to do with you. You need no embellishment. You who are a jewel need no jewelry. Simply allow your light, which is Mine, to be reflected.

It is My light you wear. But you do not wear it. You are composed of it. To be great, you fake nothing. To be great, you take away what has dimmed your greatness. You don’t need to turn your light on. Just take away its covering.

Your light cannot be wasted, for it is Mine, and My light is made to forever shine. Let My light forever shine in you and from you out into the flickering world.

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