Friend and Lover

God said:

Love the animals who are so much at your mercy. No longer think in terms of superior or inferior. No longer think in terms of master or servant. Serve. Let all be servants to one another. Certainly the one served also benefits the one who serves. But do not assign yourself roles and make them labels for yourself nor for another. Think only in terms of love. Whatever your title for the moment, be you dishwasher or CEO, you are designated to be friend and lover to the universe and to all who roam therein.

Do unto others is the rule of life. It is not a pretty saying to attain to. It is how it is. Each is yourself, and there are no others. How you treat yourself is how you treat others. How you treat others is how you treat yourself. Treat yourself well, beloveds. Learn how. Learn how to bestow kindness, a form of love, for love and kindness are the only service you can give regardless of what act you perform. If you pick up litter off the street, pick it up for those who have littered as well as for those who do not litter. Do not disdain anyone in your mind. If you are a prison guard, whatever your duty is, perform it in accord with love from your heart, and love will be known. If you are a prisoner, find a place in your heart for love. Is not the guard a prisoner too?

Love is not cowardly, beloveds, nor is it a show. Perform acts, and give love while you are at it. Even love the equipment you use. Do not kick a radio into submission. Do not curse your computer. Treat them kindly and patiently, and that is love.

Whether you are in front of an audience or off by yourself with someone who cannot speak, whether it be a child, an animal, or someone in a coma, you are to be at your best and bestow love and kindness abounding. Remember Me, beloveds. Remember Me not out of fear, but remember Me as the One you are giving service to.

Whatever you perform today, perform it without resistance. Even when it is something you don't like to do, do it with accord. If it has to be done, and you have to do it, do it with good will. It's not the fault of the service that you don't like to do it. If you have to do it anyway, do it with pleasure. Be glad you have the capability to do it.

Do you see how it doesn't really matter what you have to do, and how much it matters that you do it and do it with grace? Be gracious unto all. Unless you give love and kindness, you are taking advantage. You are being a skinflint with love. Instead of reluctance, give joy. You are to give advantage, beloved. I am tempted to say to give with grace or don't give at all. If you cannot be gracious alone or in public, it is better not to do it at all.

If you cannot speak kindly, better to not speak at all.

If you cannot drive your car graciously, better not to drive.

Consider that in whatever you are doing, you are holding a door open for someone. Not holding the door open for someone is letting it close on them.

Whatever money you spend, spend it with grace. Do not complain about the prices. Buy what you need and be glad you have the money to spend.

Do you understand Me today?