Forgive Now

God said:

When you have forgiven everyone for everything -- that is, when you have released everyone from bondage to the past -- that is when you will pass through the eye of the needle. Release everyone from the past. Whatever thread of accusation you have carried in your heart, release it now. Forgive erring hearts, and you will forgive your own. Forgive means to let go. Forgive with all your might and all your heart. Forgive all for your sins, beloved, for as you accused another, you accused yourself.

All your life, you have only spoken to yourself. Whomever you yelled at, it was yourself. Whomever you stormed against, it was yourself. Whatever wrong you saw, you committed it. You pulled it out and identified it as wrong. You nourished it, and you nourished it for the world so the world could never let go of wrong. The accuser is a culprit as well as the accused. Everyone is innocent, or no one is.

One who steals goods and hides them acts from ignorance. One who steals love from himself and hides it has robbed himself for the sake of petulance. He bares his own cupboard. For every stone he throws against another, he throws two at himself. And yet he accuses those who throw stones as well as those who are pelted with them.

Abandon the subterfuge of disdain. It is only a cover-up for despair. You would make yourself higher. Sitting on a throne of judgment doesn’t make you higher. Whatever you disintegrate, you disintegrate yourself. Whatever barriers you put up, you bar yourself. Whatever you imprison, you imprison yourself. You cannot put another in jail without going there yourself. You cannot abandon another without abandoning yourself. You cannot free another without freeing yourself.

When will you let My people go? When will you stop being Pharoah? You have only been an imposter anyway. And it is yourself you have imposed upon. Cease from hampering yourself with judgments you make. All judgments are false because they are narrow. They leave out too much at the same time they hold too much stern backbone. They hold too much of the world and not enough of Heaven. They hold the world firmly in their grasp and have no hand left to receive Heaven.

To pull down Heaven to Earth, all you have to do is to pull up the shade that blocks it. Your own thoughts block Heaven. You own thoughts block your vision. That you need to revise your thinking is an understatement. Revise your thoughts? Throw them out. Keep only love. Keep love intact and free-flowing, and you will be intact and love will flow freely.

In every situation, administer love. Let love be your gavel. Let love be your clarion call. Enough of denouncement. Announce love. Pronounce love as I have pronounced it. Cease looking for reasons not to know love.

You who are hesitant to give love have hoarded it in some out-of-the- way place, or you threw it in the trash. Carry love with you. Hold it out in front of you so that you may see it. Concern yourself with the love you give. Mind your own business of love.

Cease looking to others to provide you with sense of well-being, and then you will no longer castigate others. Let all be aright with you, and then the world will spin with joy. You have been spinning the world all along, only you left out the joy. You perhaps thought that condemnation was better, or else why would you have emphasized it? Now you know to broadcast love. Now you know to air it. Now you know that love is yours to give. Now you know to cast love high. Cast it to the Highest Heaven, and it will land on Earth. Love will fall on you like a fine rain or like morning dew on the grass, and it will be as if the dew rises from you.