About fifteen years ago, long before Godwriting, someone did my eastern astrological chart. He said I was going to do some spiritual writing. I said, "But I write fiction." He said, "That may well be, but you are going to do some spiritual writing." He said the writing would not be formal; it would be like talk. I just shrugged that off. I did not go around thinking about what he said. Actually, I was well into Godwriting and didn't remember it at all until one time, wanting to test an answering machine, I grabbed a tape and stuck it in. The random tape turned out to be the recording of that session with the astrologer. The answering machine worked, and the part I happened to hit on was: "You are going to do spiritual writing." Only then did I remember.

Also about fifteen years ago, I consulted with a very special chiropractor over the telephone. In the midst of his telling me what vertebrae were out and what tea I should drink, he started laughing. He said, "Oh, my, you are going to have great many spiritual blessings. You are going to be very happy." I asked him what form this happiness would take, and he said he wasn't allowed to know and I had to wait. Actually, I forgot about that too until I was giving a Godwriting workshop in Pennsylvania, and a friend of mine who was attending reminded me that I had told her about that long before.