For Love's Sake

God said:

What is present right now in your heart? Whatever is in your heart has something to do with love. Hankering for it or remembering it or thinking of a way to give a little here and there.

Think of love as Oneness.

If you want to go to the ocean today, that is evidence of your love for the ocean. You go to the ocean, and you receive it. You receive that which you go to. The ocean becomes you, and you become it. You let the ocean your love wash over you. You let love wash over you.

If you have to go to work today, and you don't want to, the day will be long and perhaps arduous. When you go to work without love, how much love will you receive, do you imagine? When you go to work with your mind on the joy you will give, you will receive joy already in the imagining of it, to say nothing of the giving. Isn't your thinking of joy and giving joy the same as receiving it?

And what is joy but closeness? And what is closeness but love?

Perhaps it is easier for you to give joy than it is to give love. Be magnanimous with joy, and the love you feel in your heart will grow. It will become so huge that you will not know the difference between joy and love. You will not be able to separate them. You will not remember how. You will not know how. You will not know how to separate anything at all.

You will not know how to separate yourself from another, or another from you. It is not selfish to know that you are everyone and everything. You can only do for yourself. Yourself is Myself and all the created world and beyond. Yes, even beyond.

You will not be able to draw a circle around yourself. You will not be able to draw a circle around your house or town or city or state or country. You will recognize that even the globe of the world is too small. It has left too much out. The stars and galaxies and their motions and the currents of love.

Circles try to keep love in, as if there were one direction to love. Actually, there are not even two directions to love, for love is directionless. There is no going out or coming in when it comes to love. There is no absence of it. All love goes out and all love comes in until there is no difference.

No badge of love has to be put on you. It is laughable to put love on one jacket and not another. But when a badge of love is put on another, happiness grows in your heart just as if the badge had been pinned on you. It is even laughable to think that someone has the capability of pinning a badge of love on anyone.

Love is like the air you breathe. Fans and heaters don't make air. They merely circulate it. And that is the most you can do with love. Simply circulate it. What? — do you think you can tie a ribbon around it? Do you think love can be packaged?

I suppose We can say love is packaged in your heart, but, if so, the package has been opened. Love has been strewn in your heart, for your heart can only be a heart of love. The love in your heart slips and slides everywhere. It cannot be captured. It cannot be confined. It cannot be pending, for love is flowing at every moment. Love is always in motion. It doesn't stand still. It doesn't hover. It's not really planted, for love is being reaped all the time. You are reaping love now.