Follow the Crest

God said:

It doesn’t matter your size, you swim in the Ocean of My Love. There are no little frogs in big ponds or big frogs in little ponds. Golden light is golden light. Size doesn’t enter into it. Golden light has not boundaries. Nor have you.

That you have bought into boundaries, that is understood. You not only accepted them, you paid for them, and you continue to pay. The more boundaries you accept, the greater the price. The price is denial of your true worth. Your true worth is what you mean to Me.

I do not differentiate between golden light and golden light. There are no borders to it, so how could I differentiate? Any borders are assumed and imposed. They are non-existent.

You have accepted the borders of time and space and the whole conflagration that goes with them. You have accepted limit upon limit, and so you have limited yourself.

You are like a cowboy who has the idea that his lasso is shorter than it is and so he thinks he can throw it only so far.

You are like the mountain climber in the fog who, with one more step, would reach the peak, and, unknowingly, goes back down.

You are like a Human Being on Earth who doesn’t reach up, convinced he cannot.

Beloveds, you were not condemned to Earth to stay within confines. You were not condemned to Earth. You are not confined to it. Change your picture of life on Earth.

Too often you see yourself imprisoned.

You are not tied to Earth. You are a free Being. You are free to see life any way you choose. You are not bound to see it one way. You are not compelled to dwell on its faults. You are not condemned to servitude. You are enjoined to joy. If I bound you to anything, it is joy.

What do you think I made you of love for? Certainly not to convince yourself that you are something else. What can you be but love when I made you of it? I think you may have been looking at the wrong image in a faulty mirror. Look where I point you. Over here, beloveds.

Lift your eyes up and look at the sun. Catch a glimpse of Me here. Catch a glimpse of yourself. Look in the mirror, the Moon, and see the energy of love as it is reflected. Its white light pours over you like the sweet cream it is. Look at the stars and see the love and joy they send. They are winking at you. They are full of joy and sense of delight.

What happened to your sense of joy and appreciation? What happened to your sense of humor?

It makes no sense to grumble about life. It makes sense to uplift it. Be benevolent to life. Nurture it. Cosset it. Acquaint it with the preciousness of itself, and you will know yours. You have treated days as throwaways, and you have treated yourself the same.

Begin now to recognize what to hold holy. Not pain, not contempt, not criticism, but embrace. In your heart embrace your fellow man and woman, and know you row in the same boat. Look at the boat differently. See its seaworthiness. Like you, it is fit to sail on God’s Ocean. So what if the waves go up and down? You are rowing on the waves of God’s Ocean.

Beneath the waves lies God’s Stillness. Beneath the waves lie you. From Us comes the surge of the waves. Since when are We dependent upon the waves? Together We are God’s bright light and We sparkle golden light in all the waves. Follow the crest and you will see.