Enjoy the Sun That Shines

God said:

Sometimes you have to bend. Sometimes you have to stretch. Sometimes bending low and stretching high are one and the same.

Sometimes you may feel that Life in the World is too much for you and that you can't take much more of it. You may say at one time or another that you cannot possibly take on one more blow. The Truth of the Matter is that you can. The Truth of the Matter is that you have, and you will forever more accommodate Life as it reaches you. This is a given.

You are definitely stretchable. You have no limits. None. You are an unlimited Being. That you have received a blow, or received several blows all at once, is an interpretation you make. Your interpretation makes all the difference in the world. If you didn't judge your Life, what might your Life be then? Your interpretations are your justification. Pretty much justifications are excuses for how you feel. It is too easy to blame Life as if Life were an outer experience.

Sure, things happen in Life that you would wish did not, yet you are responsible for your outlook.

Of course, your emotions do not have a spigot that you can turn on and off just like that. At the same time, when you are angry, for whatever reason, or for no reason, you chose anger.

Life is given to you as a gift. How you see Life is up to you. In one stroke, you are unable to revamp your view of Life, yet you are capable of growing toward a reinterpretation of how you see Life. Reset your thinking. This does not mean that you are to pretend. Your present pretense may well be your widely-held belief or beliefs. You are convinced that Life betrayed you when, all the while, Life is the making of you.

Indeed, there are times when your Life takes courage. Be courageous then.

Whatever happens in Life, you are required to move forward in it. You can't just stay still. Nor can you undo the past or make Life repent for how it turned out.

First of all, Life never turned out one way or another. Life is coming around the bend again just now. You may have been good at contemplating misfortune. This is a sure signal to start looking for stars in the sky, Beloveds. You may have to climb some steps. No one can climb them for you. Only you can lift yourself higher.

Life was never meant as an opiate, a sedative, or a placebo, nor was Life meant as suffering. Regain your belief in yourself and in the Goodness of Life. Lift up your eyes, Beloveds. Welcome Life. Uphold your Soul and the Divinity that you and Life are.

Life is far greater than you credit it. Start taking Life as you presently see it with a grain of salt.

It is inevitable that some bodies on Earth drop out, and other bodies continue. You may attribute death of the body to unfairness and a sense of loss and, therefore, grief. Yet the soul of your loved one is alive and well on another plane. In fact, you may mourn the loss of a loved one for years before the actual departure. You worry how you can possibly live without your beloved. When I take your Loved One into My Arms of Love, you bemoan your loss as the worst thing that could ever happen.

Actually, you may have compiled a long list of worst things that could happen, as if there were a law that great fear and sorrow must be incorporated into your Life. You may have started Life from the premise that Life IS insufferable and, therefore, you conclude that you must suffer. From your perspective, when it is a loved one you lose, or a job you lose, or an image you lose, let not your misperceptions countermand your Joy in Life.

Enjoy the Sun That Shines.