Earth in Orbit

God said:

What if everything you think is very important isn’t? What if all the matters you dwell on are not important at all? What if you let go of them in your mind? What exactly do you think would happen? Do you really think it is your foot on the pedal that keeps the Earth in orbit? Do you fear that the world would fall when you do not hold on so tight? What if you let go of all cares for one moment? What would happen? Do they need your grip on them?

It is one thing to take care of matters. It is another to carry them with you as weights. When you exercise with dumbbells, you leave them somewhere until you work with them again. You do not carry them around with you beforehand.

Yet that is what you often do with cares. You are so intent on them that you let them weigh you down. Certainly they sap your energy.

It is not that you are to pretend they are not there. It is that you are to attend to them and be done. Your concerns about them dig them in deeper. And, yet, you have found that matters often do take care of themselves. They were not yours to dismay over. Sometimes they were yours to let go of.

Truly, you can live life without burdens. Lay them down. Come back to them if you must, but lay them down now.

You can drop your fears right where they are. You can abandon them. Fear does not make you a responsible person. Fear is not to be your motivation. It is a skulky motivator. Fear is like a loan from the mob that can only weigh you down with interest. You will never get rid of it. The odds are staked against you. Do not become involved with fear in the first place. It gets you nowhere.

Replace fear with desire for something rather than to get away from something. Your life has to be more than trying to avoid potholes. Potholes aren’t really that bad anyway, beloveds. So what if you fall in. You would simply get out. Let not your life be made up of fear of what could befall.

Fear is an insidious trap. It lays in wait for you. It plays hide and seek with you. Simply don’t play its game. Get into another arena.

Fear pretends to be your friend. All the while, it is out to get you. Look both ways when you cross the street but do not fear crossing the street. Common sense isn’t built on fear. You need common sense, not common fear. Common sense gets you across the street. Common fear keeps you trembling where you are.

If you had fear of the stove, when would you cook?

Fear does not have to loom large.

Let joy of doing loom large. Let joy of Being loom large.

When fear of any kind would overtake you, flick it off your shoulder as you would a gnat. Fear does not have to become a huge vulture lying in wait for you.

Replace each thought of fear with a thought of My Presence. My Presence is true. Fear is not. Fear is an accumulation of imaginings. Imagine the reality of love instead. Imagine fearlessness. Imagine how good it will feel when you put fear aside.