Dreams Godwrite Themselves

God said:

Beloved, here, take your pick of dreams. Exchange your dreams as you wish. Dreams are for you to dream. Go in the direction of your dreams, yet allow your dreams to take their own sweet time. Certainly, you may work hard at something you know, yet dreams are something you are to take a good look at and let go of. Dreams are not obligated to appear before you. You cannot demand them. By all means, let your dreams be free to fly. Allow your dreams the time they want to take to come true.

If one of your dreams is to Godwrite, you are already aware that you don’t whip the naturalness of Godwriting into submission. If Godwriting is a dream, you invite your dream lightly to you with a smile, yet you are not the deliverer of your dreams. You are not the commander of them. You love your dreams at the same time as you let your dreams spread their wings.

Yes, yes, by all means, call your dreams to you and welcome them, yet you do not insist upon your dreams. Dreams are more like fireflies that flash before you. You receive them, yet, of course, your dreams are free to fly as they choose. You look forward to them. Lean toward them, yet dreams fulfill themselves according to their will. Beckon your dreams to you at the same time as you give them room to grow. Dreams may be your very dreams to come true, yet dreams like to bestow their energy on you graciously. Be gentle with dreams. Partner with them.

Receive your dreams almost as if in a dream. Your dreams are not to be kidnapped. You are not the power-master of your dreams. Dreams are of their own accord. They are not your foster children. Your dreams will find where they belong. In effect, dreams choose their foster parents, and this is done on its own. Of course, desire your dreams lightly, and the winds will pull the answers to your dreams in good time. God’s Will is Free Will. Your rightful dance partners will find you. You are not to lasso them.

How easy life is when you let life and dreams come true on their own.

When it comes to dreams, you do not take them captive. You are not in charge. Keep your dreams lightly in sight and smile at them as if you are old friends eager to meet again.

Life altogether raises itself to new heights. You may be looking at life as an unruly teenager that you believe you must hold onto more tightly, yet you are to ease into life rather than to make life obey you. Trust that life is more informed than you think. Welcome life. Life isn’t yours to steal or redirect nor to look askance at. You are not the ruler of life. Be a companion to life as it comes down the trail. Both you and life can go around the curves of life graciously.

Life and dreams are like menus offered to you. Don’t be so sure about casting them aside. Give dreams a chance to attract your blessing. You are not intended to be an advanced guard. Be friends with one another. Hold hands lightly. You and life, put your hearts together. Give life a chance. Life may be your life, yet your life is a cooperative venture, all for one and one for all.

Like Rodgers and Hammerstein, write a new song together. Drink in joy and not constraints. You and life lend your talents in service to God. Have confidence in your life and your desires as they unfold in good grace.