Do You Think You Can Figure Out Life?

God said:

Everything in relative life seems to be about walking a fine line, yet you are not meant to tiptoe. You want to go fast, but not too fast. You want to work, but not too much. You want to rest, but not too much. You don't want to step on someone's toes, yet you don't want to have your toes stepped on either. Much of Human life seems to be concerned with rates of speed, amounts, and territory, what is yours and what is someone else's.

You want to be assertive but not aggressive. You want to be considerate, but not too considerate. Why, you must imagine you are walking a tightrope high above the ground, and you fear to take a misstep.

Such thoughts are boundaries, beloveds, and you follow them like a cautionary tale. Your life is not to be spent weighing what to do or how far or how soon or any of the massive unending figuring out you make yourself go through. Life cannot be figured out! And yet you go to great lengths to analyze and to have a net underneath you in the event that you topple. Beloveds, the less you hesitate on the tightrope, the less you will topple.

Enough thinking about toppling and being safe. Live life rather than thinking about the pro's and con's of it. On the greatest level, nothing ever can touch you. You are inviolate. You were not born, and you do not die. You exist on a continuum of love which is the water wheel of the universe.

In the relative world, you ride on a roller coaster or a dodgem car or a stalled Ferris wheel. The world is made of danger with an occasional oasis of peace. The energy that propels you can also settle you. You really do not want to spend your life on tenterhooks. Roll into life, beloveds. Engage in it more than you fear it. Neither tread lightly nor tramp heavily. Stride.

A big deal is made of life on Earth. Yet what is the big deal? You are not trapped on Earth. You are not imprisoned here. You are a free being with the whole world in service to you. Put more attention on the long haul than the short haul. Be long-sighted. If you watch every step you take, how many can you take? How far can you go? See what you are going toward, and you can cover the whole universe in one stride. Do you follow Me?

Life is not meant to be pain-staking. Life is not meant to be lived in details. There is a bigger pasture for you to roam in.

In your desire to live life properly, you tie yourself up. You attach one thing to another. You make conditions and connections. They are not real. One thing is not dependent upon another. Break through all the thoughts you have limited yourself with.

Nothing has to be as you thought. Nothing has to be as the world has thought. All the connections and causes you have made in your mind tie you up. You are tethered to your thoughts. Your thoughts are not inviolate. You are inviolate so why do you listen so much to your thoughts?

Your thoughts have to change because they are limiting you. They hamper you. They enclose you in a small space. All you have to do is to walk through your thoughts and get beyond them. Seek and sow new thoughts. Let not your thoughts nor the world's impale you.