Do Not Wait Until You Are Ready

God said:

I choose everyone, beloveds. It is true that I call many, but it is not true that few are chosen. All are chosen. It is you who has to hear. I call you every minute. I tap you on your shoulder. I wave My hand in front of you. I put out a general call, and those who hear come.

When you appear, it is not like an audition. Do you imagine I turn anyone away? From all those who appear before Me, I choose all. Every candidate. It is you who has to choose yourself. I choose all. I choose everyone. I choose you. It is you who imposes conditions, qualifications and such. I choose the common man. I already chose you.

What does it mean to appear before Me? It is to volunteer. You volunteer your services. The contract is written in your heart. I have already signed and given it to you. Now it is for you to sign.

This is not duty, beloveds. This is choosing happiness. This is answering a request with your heart. Choosing service to Me is like choosing a sweater in a color you like. What is there to choose when you see the one you like? The choice makes itself. There is no other course of action to take.

You come before Me, and you say: “Please, God, tell me what You would like me to do for you? Tell me how I can best serve You.”

I respond: “What is it you would most like to do? What gives you happiness? What are your talents?”

So it is you who chooses your assignments. There is no assignment too big nor too small when it comes to love. There are no hard assignments. So I ask you: “What would you love to do?”

And this is what you are wanting to find out. This is not making you selfish. This is giving of yourself. This is merely taking your next step. You are ready for something. You are ready for something right now.

Oh, there may be a few I tap more vociferously on the shoulder or perhaps on the head. There may be a few I shake to wake up. There may be a few that My eye falls upon fixedly. But in any case, you choose yourself, We choose, beloveds. We consult, and We choose.

Were there contracts written before you were born? Yes, sometimes, and those were your choice as well. Nothing was given to you to do that was against your will. It was all with your willing collaboration. Nothing was haphazard. There is nothing that cannot be changed. You can rewrite your contract, and I will sign without batting an eye. I gave you free will, and I give it to you now at every moment.

Is it you who bows before Me, or I Who bows before you? Do I lead or do you? There is no default. You are always in the ascendant. You are like the rising star of My heart.

It is inevitable that you will serve Me, beloveds. The time will come when you allow yourself no other choice. It is My will for your happiness. Therefore, you come face to face with your choice to make, and then you see there is no choice, for you will have to choose happiness.

What if I ask you to speak before multitudes? Do not wait until you are ready. Say Yes to Me now. Whatever I may ask or suggest, say Yes to Me now. As soon as you say Yes, you are ready. You do not have to deliver a perfect speech. What it is you have to do is to simply speak and remember that you speak for Me.