dispassionate love

How to Treat This Present Moment

God said:

You try to determine your future and the future of everything. There is enough for you to do with right now without that. You are always saying how much you have to do, and yet you take on the future. You carry it with you like a dark cloak that weighs heavily on you or like a hovering black vulture that pursues you.

The Step after Ego

God said:

Everything is a step. Even ego is a step. Just don’t spend too long on it.

Ninety-eight percent or more of upset is ego-bred.

If you had not felt discounted, you wouldn’t have been so angry, and maybe a situation wouldn’t have arisen. Maybe you wouldn’t have been fired or walked out and quit. Maybe you would have seen something through. Or maybe you would have left anyway, but not flounced off, and you would have made friends as you left.

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