God said:

You want to ask for more than you have been asking for. What have you been asking for? Often for an end to something. Often away from something as much as toward something else. Certainly you ask for greater happiness, but break that down. What do you want? What does greater happiness mean to you? What do you mean to it?

Likely you want more friends, more love, more money, more romance, more stimulation, more peace, more ease, better relationships, better work, greater recognition in the world, and the list goes on.

But what do you want? And why do you? Go deeper. Why do you want more money, more friends etc? Go further. What do they mean to you, and what will you do with them? What is it that you want to grow to?

If you carry a still-born picture of yourself, what difference does more money or anything else make inserted into the photograph? You with a smile on or off are the same.

Deeper in your heart you want to matter to the universe, and you want to matter to Me. You are an ever-revolving halo of light that attracts light. Matter more to yourself and you will see more good accrue to you. Engage in a greater vision of yourself, and it will be so.

You have heard it before. Give that which you want given to you. Give out that which you desire. That is practicing for all the good that is on its way to you.

When you desire, it is already yours. It desires you. Whatever you long for, it longs to be yours. You do not call to it in isolation. There is reason for your desires. Now know that they are fulfilled.

Make your desires not too specific nor too general. Give your mind enough to work with but not all the details. Conceive your desire, and then let it go its way. You do not want to manufacture the results. You want to draw what you desire to you. You want to let it come on its own. You let go of it just the way you let go of the past. You do not hold on too tight to the configuration of the past, and so you will not hold on to your desire too tight when you know that it is already accomplished.

Make yourself ready for it.

The good you desire is already yours.

Make room for it.

All has already been accomplished.


The cows are coming home.

You have called them.

And now it's time.

Conjure up your desires.

Bless your desires, for they come from Me.

You are not meant to be desireless. Have desires, but no need. Your true desire is to see the gifts that have already been bestowed upon you. In your desire is the fulfillment of it. The desire and fulfillment are one and the same. Your desire signals fulfillment.

Desire greatness, and it is yours.

When you desire to be closer to Me, you are desiring to locate what is already in your possession. It's like looking for a snapshot — you know you have it but you're not sure where it is. Where did you put it? You ruffle through drawers and other photographs until — Aha — you find where it was all along. The photograph hadn't gone anywhere. You simply had forgotten its location.

You half-remembered where it was.

You half-remember Our closeness. You almost remember. Just a little more awareness, and you will know.

However much you desire more immediateness with Me, it does not compare with My desire for you. My desire is My Will, and My Will be done.