Days Are New

God said:

This letting go hasn't been easy for you. In your humanness, often you would rather keep than let go. Begin to feel the abundance that you have, and then you will let go faster and more easily. You will let go with a sigh of relief. It is effortless to let go, only you have told yourself that it is effortless to hold on. Holding on is a kind of inertia. Holding on is hoarding, beloveds. You may have hoarded love, people, things when nothing at all in the universe is yours to hoard. You are meant to share. You are meant to give.

Possessing is an old paradigm. Possess freedom rather than objects. Give freedom, and that is how you own it. And this is how you free your energy. Heretofore, you may have been stifling your energy, and wondering why you were tired. If you have been lugging possessions around, no wonder you are tired.

Ideas have been your possessions. You have all kinds of ideas that you are firm on. To you, they are irrefutable. You have made a staunch stand with ideas. Ideas are only ideas. Ideas are to flow rather than be adamant. Ideas have stuck to you like glue. Refresh your ideas.

You have grown. Let your ideas grow with you. Let old ideas go. Throw them to the winds. Start anew. Collect new ideas. Turn in the old ones. Anything that you are convinced has to be a certain way is an old idea that you have held onto. Ideas are not intended to keep you captive. Give new ideas a chance. Think of something in a way you have never thought of it before. Let ideas swim like fish. You can't catch them all, and why would you? Catch only as many fish as you can eat right now. Do the same with ideas. Let many swim away. Get that fishhook away from them.

What do you need your old ideas for? They are not sacrosanct. Claim new ideas. Don't have your mind made up. Your mind is fluid, beloveds. Let it be what it is. Ideas are not meant to be fences. They are meant to be flowers that bud and then open. Your mind is meant to be open, not set. If you are set in your mind, then you are set in your ways.

Days are new. Be new with them. Flush out ideas from the thicket of your mind. Nourish budding ideas. They are there. Ideas are opportunities that come your way. Old ideas served a purpose once, but now they are in your way. They harden your arteries.

It is good to be solid, yet not at the expense of growth. Be firm about welcoming new thoughts. Give them a chance. This is how to be young. Let new ideas in. Let them in, and let them out. Capitalize on new ideas. Let your ideas sprout. Let them be tender.

What in life is to be marked in stone in the world? What in the world is indelible? I am lasting, beloveds, and you are also. Truth is eternal, yet you may well not have yet come to Truth. Truth is inviolable, but not your thoughts. Love is inviolable. Although you have a clue, you may not yet know what love is. You may have only a partial fingerprint.

Do you not now think that it is a good idea to let go of old thinking, or, at least, separate the wheat from the chaff? Sort out your thoughts like clothes in the attic, and keep only those that make you beautiful.