God said:

Think of love more than you think of approval. Think of giving love rather than evaluation. Approval is such a tenuous thing. Love is quite another.

Often you equate approval with love. You don't need approval. Approval is a kind of snobbery that you accept or invite from others. As though you must deign outside approval before you dare move forward. Be your own approver. Be your own decider of venturing forth. You need no seal of approval.

Waiting for the world to give you dispensation holds you back. Once you get the world's go-ahead, it is disappointing anyway. It is not as helpful as you thought.

It is like you are waiting to be paroled. And you wait time and time again. But you are not tethered. You are already free. You need not permission nor approval. You need your own heart and your own permission to go by. You wait only for yourself.

One hundred accolades from the world mean nothing next to one impulse from your heart. In the heart lies power. No one knows to what heights you can soar when you release the lion of your heart. Your heart springs forth and frees the whole world with its energy. Unlock your heart. You are like a piston of the universe.

No longer idle your heart.

You do not need to rev it up either.

It is already revved. It is ready to spring forth and pass all the boundaries set by the errant world.

Let your heart be your metronome.

Approval is such a force in the world. You live for it. It is way too little.

And your approval is not needed either. No one need wait for it. Your approval only says something about you.

Faultfinding and approval are not so far apart. Two ends of the same queue. Like a seesaw, up and down. How much does your approval mean? What whimsy does it go by, and how long does it last? Insatiable is approval.

You just need an okay from yourself. You need your own daring. It takes great courage to be yourself in this world. When you stand up, you are seen. Lolling around, you blend into the background. Single out yourself. Stand up. So what if someone tells you to sit down. Maybe they need to stand up too.

You are no longer an infant to be carried around by others in the world.

You are an independent being.

You are dependent upon no man.

You are dependent only upon the love in your heart and when and where you let it out. Open the gates of your heart and be a maker of the world.

You have been dealing with too little. Now it is time to set out on your adventure. You are someone who needs bigger horizons. Unbend your heart. It has been subservient too long. The heart is meant to rule.

Uncage your love so that the world may be freed.

You have thought the world holds you back, but it is you who holds back the world. This is marvelous because now you know your mission. People may mock the idea of your doing something momentous, but you are for momentousness. You are for far more than you have served to yourself. Take more of life. You have withdrawn from it long enough. Now is the time to converge with Me.