consideration for others

With Love and Consideration for All

God said:

Listen well to the silence within you. Within the silence are all the answers you are seeking. You understand, I am speaking of the silent Known yet Unknown within you. It cannot be seen. It cannot be heard except as your heart hears it. It speaks volumes to you, beloveds, this silence in which all is contained.

An Easy Way to Create World Peace

God said:

You seek frictionless flow. Isn't that what you want? Just to flow, no obstructions, no resistance, to glide seamlessly through life? Of course, you want life to be a breeze. It would be so nice if everyone and everything would say Yes to you, "Yes, certainly, come right this way." If everyone said Yes to you, you would feel as if you could walk through walls. It certainly would be easy to walk through life.

How wonderful it would be if life were a loving servant who anticipated your every need. You wouldn't even have to ask. All of life would become a smoothie prepared for you to drink.

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