Choices of Thought

God said:

What matters to you? Sometimes you go along as if what used to matter to you still does. That is following where you have been rather than where you are. You do not have to be a trail-blazer, but nor do you have to follow your old footsteps. Sometimes you are not aware that you keep trudging on the same path while your errant heart yearns for another.

So, every now and then, ask yourself what matters to you now.

You can move in any direction you want. All directions are open to you. You are in the center. You can turn anywhere you want. You can start out today. There is no stopping you once you decide something. You know that.

Before you decide where you want to go in your life, note where you are now. I will say that where you are now is not where you used to be, but you may not have noticed the progress.

Today I ask you to notice what matters the most to you in your innermost heart at this moment.

Perhaps you have just been going along, along with the crowd, along with your old self, or going along not minding at all where you are going, perhaps preferring not to know, preferring to bumble along, or preferring to go nowhere.

Every day you are going somewhere. Your feet take you somewhere. The details of your life lead somewhere. Might as well have them lead you where you would like to be.

We are talking about your being true to yourself and not yesterday's idea nor the world's feckless ones.

In terms of your growth, you cannot go back. You are further along now, and you just might as well own up to it.

Every moment you are stepping into your future.

Of course, I tell you to be in the now. I mention future only because you engender it today. I am not asking you to focus on your future. I am asking you to note where you are now. It is not for you to hold back nor to retreat nor to jump ahead. It is for you to move forward into today and keep abreast of yourself.

All the attention you put on the news — put some of that on you.

You may have no direct say in world affairs, but you can move your life as you wish. What do you wish? What do you will?

Have a picture in mind. Draw it and you will be drawn to it.

When you wish to grow radishes, you plant the seeds.

When you wish to grow green peppers, you plant different seeds.

What do you wish to grow in your life? This is what you want to plant. The seeds of your life are your thoughts. Dreams are bigger thoughts. Expand your thoughts.

Emphasize details and you will have more details.

Emphasize greatness, and you will engender greatness.

I am not telling you to slide through life without attention to detail. I am telling you not to get caught in the details but to remember what they are for. Remember what you are for.

I know that thoughts assail you. Don't get caught up in them. Let greater thoughts sweep you up and bring you higher. Thoughts come to you as if on their own, but you can let them go. Let greater thoughts sail across the horizon of your life. Your feet are not tied, nor are you tied to any thought. You have your pick.