Cake of the Day

God said:

There is nothing new under the Sun, and yet all is new under the Sun.

How many ways can you slice a cake? How many ways can I speak to you of My Love and your Love and Our Love? It is an old story, Our Love, and yet it is new and fresh every day.

How many different cakes can be baked? Are there cakes yet unthought of? Every cake that is sliced is sliced for the first time. Life is not old hat.

Each day We set out on a new adventure.

Yet sometimes you think every day is the same, the same way that you think life is forever, and are surprised when it is not.

Eat the cake of the day that is before you while it is still warm. You have an unparalleled day before you. Catch it while the Sun shines on it.

A day is such a fragile thing. It doesn't know what it is. You don't know what it is, but join with it today, whatever it is, whatever it brings, whatever it takes.

From the outside, with all its frosting, you may not know what flavor of cake it is until you slice it, and not perhaps until you taste it, for some flavors of cakes may look the same. How do you know until you taste?

The sky may be overcast, and your day full of Sun.

The day may be sunny, and you are under the duvet.

The day may be sunny and overcast, and a million more things. In any case, it is your day, and it appears humbly before you, the way a waiter might appear with a tray of desserts, or entrees, or appetizers, or bread, there for you to reach your hand out to, for you to point to, for you to receive, for you to relish or push aside, or to share with your friends on Earth.

Share you must. You have no choice in that. Your day will be shared. When you cast shadows, you are sharing. When you open the blinds, you are sharing. You let light in for everyone in the world and beyond. And beyond.

Every act you perform today, you perform it for the whole universe. It is you who draws opens the curtains on the stage of life today. It is you who pulls the curtains aside, or opens them all the way or partly.

You carry the football, or you fumble, or you catch it. There is only team play.

Even if you are alone on a deserted island, you turn switches on and off for the world. You are an announcer of the world today.

Give credence to your importance and to the importance of every other soul who rises or flounders. You are the host of the universe. You are the greeter of the world. It is you who beckons.

You are the maitre d'. You who are the maitre d' do not sit and wait to be served. You usher. And you wave your hand to call for service for all those whom you seat.

If you are the cook in the kitchen, you are still the maitre d'. If you are the one who washes the dishes, you are still the maitre d'. It is up to you to take care of the world. The world is carried by your consciousness, and it is set before you by your consciousness. Your consciousness sets the pace for the whole world.

Do not let anyone or anything impinge upon your consciousness. Allow yourself to be uplifted but not down-turned.

Imagine that you hold the globe of the Earth in your hands, for you do hold it. Lift it high today. Have your cake of the day, and eat it too.