Burst Into Love

God said:

Beloved, there are Great Spiritual Ones in all religions everywhere and, in fact, in great novels as well. Great spiritual people exist everywhere. Great wisdom exists from the ground up and on the mountain tops. I venture to say that great wisdom exists within you!

You gather wisdom from everywhere. You gather it from Me, and you gather it from within secret harbors within you that you didn't know you had. We can say that great wisdom lurks within you and pops up at the most remarkable times and places.

Okay, I will say that great wisdom of all kinds hangs out in you. What happens is you discover it the same way as when you were a child and might have discovered a nickel or a penny of shiny copper on the sidewalk.

Somehow or another, a coin like a medal drops into view before your very eyes, or your very heart, shall I say? Much in the same way as there is dew on the grass in the morning.

Such discoveries may astound you, yet, why are you surprised? You live in an endless world. Life has many tricks up its sleeve. Why be surprised?

Discoveries are commonplace. Such discoveries can come from deep within you. Are you so surprised when the sun shines?

No need to tremble when thunder rumbles and love abounds – even within your heart that you may have come to believe had grown cold. It's not like you can grab a little shovel and dig up Greatness on command. Nevertheless, Greatness can arise from your heart that you may have believed amounted to a piece of coal or shards of glass.

Beloved, I daresay you may be the last to know how great you are.

Like right now, you are delighted to discover some lit embers smoking up a storm in your heart. You thought your heart was wayward, yet this is not so.

You may ask yourself:

“From whence cometh love in my cold heart? I thought my meager heart was inured from love. Now, I stick up for my heart of love that You, God, gave to me for the sake of nurturing life on Earth. You gave me enough love to shake the rafters."

Beloved, it is safe for Me, God, to say that you haven’t yet caught onto the depths and lengths that your heart can go.

I hear your heart call out to Me:

“Find Me, find Me, God, and plant Me everywhere. Throw Me to the winds. Make me shine like the Sun.”

The Sun shines actively somewhere around the world every single day. Love falls from the sky, and love rises from Earth. Love emanates from you. As you breathe, you breathe love. Love latches onto you and then flies away. Love is known, and you know it. Love pierces your heart so that love can shine from your heart. I give love all the life in the world to spread to everyone everywhere.

Love is yours for the taking. Take love and distribute it to the High Heavens. You are not tossing love away.

You are not supposed to hang on to love and save it. You are to spend love as if there were no tomorrow. Love is for now and near and far. Hang out love like stars on Christmas trees. String up love like Christmas lights on your mantel. Reach in for your love and scatter it to the far seas. Love isn’t to be kept. Be a big giver of love. Contrary to what you believe, love cannot fade away.

There is no law that says love must be returned to you.

Toss love like snowflakes. Your love will score somewhere in bright lights.

Burst into love the way you sometimes burst into laughter.