Bless Each Soul on Earth

God said:

Life is like a variety store. There are so many things offered. You cannot buy all of them, nor do all the wares appeal to you. Nor must they. But they are here for someone; there is someone who wants the wares you don't.

Sometimes, only sometimes, you think the store of life should be regulated. You would eliminate some of the varieties. You would authorize others' choices. Sometimes you would like to pick and choose for others. You forget that each soul on earth has his own domain.

You have enough to do to make your own decisions. You have enough to pick and choose for yourself. From your little or long distance from another's life, it seems easier to decide for someone else. Better to be a blessor to life than one who takes away even the tiniest scrap of it from another's purlieu. Do not be a rule-giver.

The fewer requirements you make for yourself or others, the gentler life is. The gentler you make life, the gentler you find it. Decisions you make for others are hard walls that they bump into, and you bump into them too.

Once you take away something from another, then you appoint yourself warden to make sure that your assumed jurisdiction is adhered to. A warden by definition must come from a certain vantage or his rules are for naught. He becomes a nay-sayer.

Rather be a freedom-giver. Give freedom to yourself first, freedom from gainsaying what others should or shouldn't do. I gave you freedom of choice. Have you more authority than I?

Sometimes you get so much into your own righteousness that you forsake others. You dismiss them from the world. You extract them, as it were. With tweezers, you set them aside.

Now toss out the tweezers of your mind.

Alight into a vaster perspective. See big. No more nearsightedness for you, My beloved. Now you are wide-visioned and too great to immerse yourself into barbed-wire thoughts. Now you are into new horizon-thinking. Promote yourself to a new vista from which smallness is not possible.

As your vision becomes wider, so does your heart. How connected to your vision your heart is! Your vision pumps your heart up or pushes it down. Have compassion for all the souls in the world, even though they have a different vision from yours. Be so busy looking up to Me that you have no time nor desire to look down on others. From a higher vision, you do not look down. You see into and you see higher, and, in your release, you bring others with you.

Release yourself and others from bondage. All the rules you evolve are bondage. De-regulate your rules. There is one rule, and that is the rule of love.

Make sure that you treat yourself well. Loosen your hold on yourself and your life. Living life is not meant to be tense. Has not yours been? You have constrained yourself. You have held yourself at bay. Relax. Relaxing means to let go. Let go of whatever it is that you have been holding on to. Relax your hold. Relax your hold on life. Let it go its way. The more you let go of life, the closer it comes to you, and the more of it you have.

Of course, I equate life with love. Have you not been blocking the love in your heart for the sake of rules? When you free yourself of the constraints you have put on yourself and others, love arises.