Bird Song

God said:

All aboard! Beloved, today is about to begin. We are taking off for Heaven today. Today is a day secured with blessings. A blessing here, a blessing there, blessing, blessing, blessing everywhere. Sweet blessings all day long. What else but blessings? Blessings are Manna from Heaven, and Manna from Heaven is for you. I leave a trail for you of Manna from Heaven to bring you to follow Me today. Manna from Heaven replaces bread crumbs. Follow Me. Sing a Manna from Heaven song.

Why not? Do you have ave anything better to do? That you are busy doesn’t excuse you. This morning, birds are busy singing. Birds are intent upon singing. Birds are meant to sing, and so are you. No more from you like:

“Aughh, it’s too early to get up.” No more putting the pillow over your head. Get up, Bucko. Sing and dance into your day. Have something you look forward to getting up for.

Today is a new day for you to greet. Hop to it.

Today has come all the way from Heaven for you. Are you really meaning to push this Fresh from Heaven Day back? There is no holding back the dawn from where I come. Wake up today with Me. How about it?

Take Me with you as you go about your day. Show Me what you can make of your day. Take me on a tour with you. Let’s add a sparkle to your day. Take Me with you as a visitor today. Show Me the town. Wake up to Me, and away We go.

Point out to Me the joy spots in your day. This is for real. This is no ordinary day. We are thinking of an extraordinary day. Let the unexpected happen. We will light a spark into your day. We cannot miss.

Look, you may have forgotten that today is not just another day at work. Every single day you are setting off for your Destiny. This way to your Destiny. Hop on. A good start to your day is a good start. Happy beginnings bring happy endings. Give Me a good time on Earth. What else is there for you to give Me? Darling, I already am steeped in Happiness. It is you We want to engage in happiness. This isn’t hard. Here, take My hand. Maybe I will point out what to look at on Our way.

If you find your boss crabby, are you going to introduce your boss to Me as crabby? I am not suggesting you fake an introduction. In how many ways can you introduce your boss to Me? There must be something good you can say about the people you work with and the work you do.

Consider that I am taking you on a tour. May your words and Mine be good dance partners. We will show Our Stuff. For one thing, We will confer happiness on everyone We look in the eye and greet. We will dance the light fantastic. What else should We be involved with?

Can you possibly imagine that We could be together and go anywhere without joy? Take Me with you wherever you go. Don’t leave Me behind. Why would you want to go anywhere without Me?

I am not meaning that you show off or move toward an extra-special performance. Not at all. We can call Our day a peace-walk. What else is there to do anyway?

What do the birds say as they sing but Good Morning, Good Morning? The birds pull up the shades on your windows and let some light in along with their singing. Perhaps the birds’ lyrics are:

"God Morning, God Morning. God Day, God Day as We walk around the block."