The Bible

One summer I took a class in the Bible as Literature at UC Berkley, and I was disappointed. I guess I expected to get something from it.

Looking back, the best Bible thing that ever happened to me was the five minutes or so every morning throughout my public school years when the teachers would read from the Bible before or after the Salute to the Flag. I don't imply that I really listened, but some of the words got from my ears to my mind and maybe even my heart. Any of the slight knowledge of the Bible I have comes from those mornings when the sundry teachers read aloud.

Incidentally, I was literary editor of my high school yearbook. The yearbook had to have a special quote or theme - I'm not sure what it was called - but I chose it, and this is what I chose: "Let your light so shine before men." Mathew. I must have known something before I knew anything.