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Bendita Lluvia...Divina - in english

Blessed Rain...Divine

Touch me thus
Blessed, lovely rain
Oh so sweet
Divinity, as such
Again and again
It matters not
The quantity
If you come soft or strong
A little or alot
I celebrate
Your quality
The precious
Not only everything outside
But calming
More than a little
My inside
Continue loving me like this
Beautiful little rain
Our Goddess
United with earth
You're free
As the sky
You come from the Above of aboves
To bathe me
To remind me
Who I Am
In Love
In relation
To God
The Creator
Of everything
Of all
Thank you
Precious rain
For your perfection
That instructs unto reflection
Touch me again
Darling beloved
I'm enchanted by the way
That is You
Freedom true
For now
Stop not
To touch me as you do