Beliefs Are Embedded Ideas

God said:

Fill yourself with My love.

Breathe it into you.

You fill your gas tank.

Now fill yourself with what is free and plentiful.

Invite Me in.

Invite My light to fill you.

Invite My light to course through you.

Invite My light to conduct you.

You cannot get too much of My light.

Keep getting enough.

Instead of breathing in anger and dismay, breathe in My love.

Draw to you awareness of My love.

If My love is too much for you to absorb, then take in My energy.

Drink it.

Drink My energy.

Everyone wants more energy.

Energy is light.

Energy is My love, but you can, if you want, think of My love as impartial energy imparted to you automatically. Now let My energy seep into your awareness, the energy of God placed in your awareness.

How it strengthens you.

My energy helps you to know what you are meant to do.

My energy has to be used.

It has to be given.

What you receive, you must give.

You give it by shining in it.

The receiving and giving are automatic, but the awareness is not.

When there is awareness, there is more receiving and more giving.

Just as your eyes follow a path in the road and take you to your destination, your awareness pointed toward Me attracts more energy to you, and more energy takes you to higher places. Keep Me in your sights, and you will come to Me in your awareness.

Really, My children, you do not desire to stay the same. Staying the same is the same as staying asleep. In truth, you want to be awakened.

Be not be afraid of truth.

Be not be afraid to learn that you have misled yourself.

Be not be afraid to learn that you have drawn lines to cut off your awareness.

You have set up perimeters and have denied yourself access beyond.

Every truth you block, you block Me.

You avert your eyes from Me because you fear to let go.

If you cannot consider Me love or energy, then consider Me truth.

Let go of your self-imposed illusions.

They do not protect you.

They protect your ego. What do you need ego for?

You need no protection from truth, for truth is your key to greatness.

When you allow your old beliefs to go away, you become real.

Are your old beliefs really so precious?

Must you maintain them?

Do you need illusions to sustain you?

You think you do. You think you will break if you were free from the past. You think freedom is loss.

Your old beliefs shackle you, and how comfortable are the shackles. What would you do without them, you think. Because you think your shackles are part of you, you think they are necessary for your preservation. But those shackled ideas stop you from your continued journey to yourself and therefore to Me.

Your established beliefs are pronouncements, and pronouncements close down the doors of communication.

First you have to communicate with yourself.

Do not lie to yourself.

Greatness does not have to carry old discardable thinking. Because you are My greatness, you can let your stubborn mind let go of every cardboard belief it ever had. You do not have to uphold truth. Truth upholds itself. Greatness does not need beliefs to maintain it.

Walk into My heart, and your beliefs will scatter to the winds.

Do not believe in illusions.

Do not believe in old habits of thinking.

Do not believe that you must continue to believe in all you have believed in. Many, perhaps most, perhaps all of your ideas about yourself and life are shades pulled down over your eyes and heart.

These ideas say to your heart of awareness: "Stop. Go no further. Stop right here. This is as far as I will allow you to go. I will not let you go into unexplored territory."

Now, notice your beliefs. Beliefs are your embedded ideas. Notice what they are. You perhaps may believe that you are smart, or that you are not smart. Reverse your thought, and see what lights go on. You perhaps may believe that illness is inherited, but what if it isn't? What if emotions and thinking are contagious, and your mind caught them? Thoughts are passed down but do not have to be inherited. What you have thought as true may not be true. What you have thought of as wonderful or unwonderful may not be. Take every one of your embedded ideas and turn it around, and listen to what it says. See what occurs to you. Just consider the barest possibility that the opposite of what you have always thought may be a truth that you have denied.

You do not even know what your beliefs are. Take a look. And go further.

Many beliefs are excuses. They justify to your judging mind something that you think has to be justified. They are alibis as if you were on trial. You excuse yourself from responsibility.

What if you have drawn incorrect conclusions?

Admit, admit. Admit truth into your existence.

Many of your ideas hold you back.

Many of your ideas bind you to a closed circuit of definition.

Let go of fear, and you will admit truth.

Let go of fear, and you will see beyond your present definition.

Let go of fear, and you will accept the freedom of responsibility.

Let go of fear, and change will become your friend.

Change only one of your beliefs, and you will be changed.

Leave beliefs behind. Enter this moment. I am here with you. Let go of your fears that cause you to hold on to what may not be so.