Beautiful Are the Stars Above

God said:

Let’s take a little jaunt today. Let’s go over the horizon and see what it’s like to walk on air and see the stars from a different angle as if there were no distance between you and the stars and the light and the Maker of the Stars and all your heart’s desires.

What if, in your eyes, it could really be true that distance does not exist. If distance does not exist, then, in a way, closeness does not. However, Oneness is Oneness. There is nothing whatsoever to distance, and no gaps to close. Words are words, you know. Words do the best they can, yet words are substitutes for Reality. Words are approximations. Words do a good job. Words aspire to find the right approximation. Words aspire to put themselves together so they reveal the wonder they wish to express. And yet words cannot say it all. The word Vastness is not quite Vastness Itself.

Words aren’t guesses, yet they are approximations.

What is the word love next to the depth and breadth of love itself? See, there are no words to express the love that only your heart can express.

You can put all the words on a package of spaghetti, yet the words on the package of spaghetti are not the spaghetti. They are not the spaghetti raw or cooked, nor are the words and the pleasure you gain from eating the spaghetti dredged with olive oil and garlic and salt and pepper or tomato sauce and basil and Parmesan cheese. Nor are the words on a label on a can of Spaghetti-O’s the Spaghetti-O’s themselves. Nor is the name given to you anywhere near representing you and the Glory of your Being.

Nevertheless, words matter. There are words for everything, and, yet, the words are not everything. Digestion is word, and yet it is a sum of words. Charts of digestion can be made, yet your digestion is far more than any words or charts can portray.

Beautiful are the stars above from where you came. I appointed you the Light of the Stars. Starlight is in your heart. You might consider your heart a cave. Nevertheless then, your heart is a cave that shines light, and your heart shines light more effectively than the finest words can do. All applause to the stars and the light of the stars in your heart and to the streetlights that words are. Words can point you in a direction that exists on Earth yet not in Heaven where Oneness does not need to be pointed out.

In my Father’s house are many mansions. You are many-mansioned. You are a phenomenal Being. You are a diamond with many facets. There are levels within levels in life in the world. And you are the elevator that can take you to all the floors. You are the elevator that can take you to the Penthouse where you can see Who You Really Are and where you have been and what you were really doing there. You have had many thoughts otherwise. You may have never come near to the Reality, yet you sought to. You always knew that Reality existed. I say you knew because you always sought it. You sought for more than the details of life on Earth. You knew there was an apex, and you knew you wanted to reach it. You knew it was yours, and you knew you came from that not-quite-grasped place that wasn’t a place yet was within your reach.

It was you, beloveds. What you were trying to reach was within you, in that cave within your heart where starlight always shone. You looked everywhere else.