Be Ready This Moment

God said:

Beloved, there is always more good on its way to you. You may not be positive about this, yet I affirm you have more good to look forward to right now. Sometimes right away, yet not always as fast as you would like. All the good awaiting you can come as a surprise when you least expect it – most definitely sooner than you may dare to hope. There is no reason that you should not have all you desire right in front of you at this very moment.

Whatever you may feel is missing in your life can come forth to you before you know it. You have every right to seek what you cry for, so go for it, yet not have to have it exactly when and how you want it. Leave some leeway. You don’t have to desire with all your might. The way to receive is to let go. Can this point be made enough? Desire and not require is My slogan. Be open to everything, for everything you desire is possible. You don’t have to pummel the world for your desires. Be more comme-ci comme-ça. You can wait your turn.

Meanwhile, enjoy life as it comes. Life isn’t always now or never. All is not lost. Frankly, all is well. Never think that today is your last chance. More beauty will fall your way.

The surface level of life is only one level. How you picture your blessings is one level. There are levels greater than you can conceive. Be honest. Hasn’t greater than you already have dreamed of not already appeared to you without effort? Blessings come on their own. Be knocked off your feet. It’s fine to have your dreams come true easily the way the sun rises every day.

Every day the sun rises over the horizon. The sun will rise in front of you again soon enough. Always stay true to yourself. Never stop. Don’t close your beautiful eyes. You don’t have to be surprised. You can depend on love’s coming true.

Someone’s dreams come true. Good grief, why not yours?

I will go so far as to say that the coming true of your dreams is beyond a lark. Why would you have your thought of your deepest dreams unless they are to come true? No dream is to be wasted. You have dreams for a good reason. A good dream dreamed is reason enough.

No dream has to be justified. Your dreams have to be welcomed. What friend would ever want to visit you feeling unwelcome?

I welcome you with all My heart. Doubting My welcome isn’t a good direction for your mind to take. Right now, welcome yourself to Heaven. Here, I lift you up. You are My joy. Hand Me My joy. The joy you give Me is for you to feel as fit as a fiddle.

What a villain is doubt. Doubt sets booby-traps without so much as a by-your-leave.

Your role in life is to attest to greatness. Enough of nonsense. Now is time for you to leap to Heaven – why not?

If you haven’t been receiving all your heart’s desires, start believing in your dreams now. I believe in you. Why not join in with Me? I am beyond your present vision. I am right on the mark. Join with Me! When you are with Me, how can you miss? You cannot miss. Have more confidence in the Oneness of your One Self.

Be solidly with Me. This is for your sake, Beloved. And so that My Will be done.