Be a Light like the Sun

God said:

Open your heart to yourself. Treat yourself today as you would treat an honored guest. Treat yourself today with the consideration you would show to Me, for am I not yourself, and am I not deserving of great consideration? And are not you?

Be courteous to yourself, and kind and patient. Be helpful.

You are a child of God and need to be treated as such. Set an example of how to treat a Human being on earth. Roll out the red carpet for yourself. How you treat yourself harbinges how you will treat another.

Succor the Human race.

Be quick to see the good in yourself. What you see, you will multiply. What would you like to multiply?

Recall to mind what is important. People are important. Hearts are important.

Do not rush yourself. Have you not been on an unending search for accomplishment. Now I will tell you what to accomplish:

Accomplish good-heartedness. Accomplish well-being.

The dutiful things that you have sought to accomplish — how much do they matter next to the beating of hearts? What speech does your heart utter? What would you like it to say?

As you gain more confidence in yourself, you will gain more confidence in others.

As you enjoy yourself more, others will enjoy you more too.

You are sometimes consumed with tasks, and you forget about giving yourself along the way. It is like you keep dealing cards faster and faster, piling them up more and more. So immersed in dealing are you that you forget what you are dealing for. You forget altogether what is the name of the game you are playing.

There is one game, be it called joy, fun, or love. Name it lightheartedness. Let your heart alight everywhere as lightly as a bird. No need to be heavy-hearted with love. No need to hammer it in. Allow your love to alight and alight and alight again and again, lightly as it revolves around the universe.

Your love is like a sun that makes the rounds of the universe.

Wherever the sun goes, it leaves light in its path. Even when the sun seemingly leaves, it leaves itself. Even when it has passed the curvature of the earth where you stand, its nourishment continues. Flowers grow. The earth is warmed. The impulses of the sun continue whether the sun is still standing there or not. The aftermath of the sun is great. And the sun catches up to itself again and again. Light is its touch, and dependable. It travels its orbit faithfully. The sun doesn't change its mind. It just keeps beaming its light out for its own happiness, knowing full well that its light shines for all, that its light enriches all.

Be a light like the sun. Let your love be universal.