Awaken Yourself, Sleepyhead

God said:

What absolution do you want from Me? The fact is that you are absolved. Today We start fresh. You must set yourself free from guilt and despair and recriminations and all that.

Have in mind that you are a growing being. What you were yesterday, you do not have to be today. Don’t go along with the past. Today you are new. Be new then. Be true to the light of love. You can be whatever you want to be. So then be it.

In My terms, there is no indoctrination you have to go through. No tests, no prerequisites. You have choice.

When I say you can be whatever you want to be, I am not saying that you can be an M.D. just like that, yet this isn’t to say that you can’t be a healer. You may be one right now. Your view of life may hearten many, maybe the whole world. There are no prerequisites to your freeing yourself from the past.

Who are you then? Who do you want to be? What do you want to be to Me? And to yourself? What do you want to be? Be it. Wait no longer. Wait no longer for you to be awakened with a kiss from a prince. Awaken yourself, sleepyhead.

When you are following the past, it is like you are in a trance. It is like you are on automatic. Drop the past. When you are caught in a snow storm, naturally you get out of it. The past is often like a snow storm, and you have to dig yourself out.

You can have the life you want today. It is amazing what your intention can do. Your intention got you where you are now. Your intention can take you anywhere.

Now, intention is not quite the same as will. Intend, and let go. Intend, and let go. Will is a little more forceful, that is, until you find yourself in the midst of My Will.

You were walking along, and then, there you are, walking along with Me. What is hard about that? It is merely letting go of the past and being open to what has always been before you, and that is I. I have always been calling you to Me. Even so, you have always been right with Me and never away from Me. Only in your mind, have you. Only in your imagination can I be absent. We are dealing with what is in your mind. We are dealing with your perception or misperception.

Be happy right this minute, for your place in the world is up to you. I don’t say your place in the eyes of the world. I say your place in the world as it is connected to Me. Be a blessing to the world, and you bless Me. No longer can you cheat yourself. The only thing you can cheat yourself of is Me. Happiness in the world is nice. It is your birthright. Yet happiness is not always what you think it is. You already know that happiness desired and happiness arrived are not always the same thing.

Come, be happy with Me. Come, sit in a comfortable recliner with your feet up, and Me at your side. This is what you really want, and this is what you have if you only knew.

Be open to new things and new thoughts and new life. Be open to the bright light of the world and the light of the stars in Heaven. Be open. Be not closed. You don’t need the past any more. You never did.

Even if you have lived all your life in a cave, you can come out now into the bright light of day. Be who you want to be. Be who I want you to be. Be your Self.