All Belongs to God

God said:

When you work for Me, you do My work. It is My work that you do. And that is all the difference in the world, work you do for Me or work you do for something or someone else. You have experienced that. You have experienced the easy flight of My work when you do it. It is good to know that it is My work you do. This is more than that you work for Me. It is My work you do, not just that you are in My employ. You take self-ownership of My work. You carry the load. You come over, and you say, "Let me help You with that." And so you do.

We can compare that only so far to the man who helped Jesus carry his cross. My work is no cross. It is My love. It is My blessing. It is My joy. It is My will. And My joy is great when you come over and help Me.

The man who helped Jesus gave himself comfort. He eased his soul by lending a hand. He did not think of privilege. He did not think of responsibility. He didn't think. He did. It was one motion, the sight of Jesus carrying heavy wood, and the man's helping.

If you do nothing but touch your hand to My work, not even lift it but just hold your hand there, as a young child might when he thinks he is helping his father carry a heavy object, that is also My happiness. Your hand alone on My work (which is My life) is a balm to the world.

I want to clarify: My work and My life are My happiness. We could say that there is no work in Heaven. Only joy. Only fulfillment. Only being. And from being all evolvement comes.

It is the same with love. You help Me carry My love. And you give out My love, the way a loaf of bread is shared. It is My love you give. The giving of My love is easy. Giving your own isn't always so easy.

We can even go as far as to say that the only love you have to give is Mine. You may have thought it was yours, because I gave it to you. This much is true: it is yours to give. But it is My love you are giving. You may have the license to, but a license is not a deed of ownership.

You may be the cashier who hands out money to an employer's staff, but it is not your money that you hand out. Nevertheless, you are the giver, and the giving is accepted, and you take pleasure in the giving.

My love never runs out. It is infinite. This talk of unconditional love is too small. All you need to know is that it is My love that you give, and who are you to say how much or to whom? What restriction do I put on My love? None. So do not let your hand stay My love. Deal out My love like a deck of cards. You deal the cards, but you do not control them. You are impartial. Who gets what card is not up to you. If you control the cards, it is called cheating.

Do not cheat with My love. Do not hold back any of it. I may send many of My children to you with their hands out for love. It is not for you to decide for some and against others. My love is not hugging and kissing. My love is blessing. My love is foregiven. I gave it to you ahead of time. Be generous with My love, and My gratitude is supreme.