A View of Life in the World

God said:

You are getting right to the Point of Life. Heretofore, you may have been hit or miss, playing around in Life, even as you may have been taking Life very seriously. How important Life is to you, and, yet, it could be that you have been fiddling around on the outskirts. Life has been vital to you, and yet you may have kept it at a distance or at a standstill, not seeming to ever really begin, just making the motions.

Never mind, don't be hard on yourself. You don't have to put Life on your plate and fill up your plate to overflowing. Of course, it is a good idea to be companionable with Life, have an easygoing relationship with it. You don't want to have a contest with Life and outdo Life. It's okay for Life to just mosey along. You can take Life in your stride without a big to-do.

It's okay to go along with Life as it arrives. You don't have to be a hotshot at Life. You don't have to outrun Life.

You can also be okay with Life as it appears. You can also deepen your life. You can stretch it. You can gain mileage as your Life comes into view.

Set out to seek your fortune. It's great to be enthusiastic about life, yet you don’t have to blaze a trail, yet there has been more to your Life than you may have credited yourself with. You have one time around for this Lifetime that is presently on call, so you don't want to loll around watching TV all the time. The thing is that you may be drawn to watching TV and getting relief from Life. You may not want to be ambitious. It’s not easy for you to balance ambition with despair.

You want to stay on your toes, yet, I wonder if this is the way to live life – on your toes every minute. Life isn't meant to be a conclusion you draw. Life is meant to be what comes and what you welcome. At every minute, Life does not have to be the high-point of your life.

Life can just be Life. There is no particular prescription for your Life, yet you can make the most of Life right now as it appears before you.

You don't have to knock yourself out, nor do you have to hide from Life. Make of Life what you will. You don't want a moratorium on life nor must you make the Hit Parade. Regardless, your Life does not seem to stretch out in a straight line or proceed at an even intensity.

You could come to an agreement about Life. You could set an equitable pace, not too much, not too little, yet just right for a day's work well-done. You don't have to stay up all night, nor do you have to sleep all day.

You don't have to be ahead of the pack. You don't have to win a race. You don't have to go only so far and no further. You don't have to loll around either. Not everyone's Life goes a mile a minute, nor must it. Not everyone's Life is always on an even keel, nor must it be.

What you make of your Life is what you make of it. You do want to avail yourself of Life.

Some of My Children get by in Life by the skin of their teeth.

This is, of course, your Life. You can give it a whirl. It’s fine to give your Life a run for its money, yet remind yourself that Life is not a performance. Life is something you experience and grow from.