A New Idea

God said:

I sing a song to you every day. I sing a song of love. I sing My song of love from the rafters of Heaven and Earth. Even as space does not exist, I sing to you from everywhere. Even as time does not exist, I sing to you without cease. I sing an ode to you. I sing from My heart. This is the only place I know of to sing from. Hear Me sing.

Remove the idea from your thoughts that I judge you. Neither do I advise you to judge. I do not tell you one thing and Myself another. For what purpose would I do that? I am already omnipotent and all the other omnis you can think of. I have no need to be otherwise than totally up front with you.

You may put Me on the carpet. It is well-known that you argue with Me. I do not fault you, nor do I beat around the bush. I do not change My story to suit you. Did you think that I am obliged to?

You may trump up charges against Me when you feel assaulted by a turn of events. Of course, you know the answer I give you:

Beloveds, you simply don't catch on to all the nuances of life. You do not know all the underpinnings of your life. You do not see deeper reasons. To your eyes and heart, there can be no reason to justify what blows you have had. If you could see what I see, your eyes would light up. You whole way of thinking would change exceedingly once you could see as I do see.

Trouble has visited you. Trouble you are good at recognizing. Total picture – you are not so good at -- for you are convinced that I, willy-nilly, can only be punishing you. You may have a rough road, yet you are misinformed, misinterpreting, and short-changing yourself. Your mind simply, at present, may not be able to see further. Opportunity awaits you. It would be great if you could see from a different angle.

What if there is blessing in every twist and turn in life, no matter how abhorrent it is to you personally as you view segments of your life now? It is a fact that you don't see around the bend.

Ah, if only you would go beyond your present thinking. I will call it your mis-thinking or incomplete thinking. Instead of finding Me guilty, could you not give Me some leniency? I am amazed at how fervently and convincingly you find Me guilty of betrayal to your ego, dear friends. Ego finds misdemeanors. Truth looks elsewhere.

You, who so desire freedom – and so rightfully desire it – refuse to grant freedom to Me. So long as you do not grasp the intricacies of My Will, you may refuse to even look at Me. Oh, yes, you want Me to be charitable to you, and you may stalwartly refuse to grant Me charity. This is self-defeating, don't you think?

You don't like to hear that your thinking is limited. Somehow you tell yourself you gain some kind of victory by snubbing Me. Every two-year old is sure he is right. Yes, of course, from his perception, he is right. He is unhappy not to have his toy truck. Someone or something has taken it away from him. This cannot be right. There are no circumstances under which this can be right. Are you not sodden with the idea that life is never to go against your demands?

Could you lean on being more charitable to all concerned? What a new idea!