A New Adventure Awaits You

God said:

When you spend less time thinking about yourself, most likely – almost certainly -- you are happier.

I do not mean to say that you are just to keep busy. I do not mean you are to just run around. I do not mean hustle and bustle. I do not mean blankness either.

I mean to say to focus on bigger matters than how you are feeling today. Surely Life has to be for more than self-diagnosis. Do not make of yourself a patient that you examine every day. Get your mind off yourself. There is something more to your life than you. There is more to life than you have savored. What have you not done as yet that you would like to do? Something that comes from your heart of hearts?

Surely you desire more of life than just to hang out. There has to be more to life than passing time.

Oh, yes, expand the world.

I do mean to suggest that you find purpose. I mean something that stirs your blood. I mean a passion for life. What might it be? What could it be?

What might you like to begin?

Your life is not done yet.

What might you like to be on Earth for? What are your dreams? Fulfill them.

Start somewhere. You never know where something will lead.

Nor do I mean that you are to find a ready-made cause, for I do not mean that. I do not ask that you be outraged and flaunt outrage. By and large, it is up to you to find your way, and you may find it in unexpected ways.

What direction are you looking in?

You could be looking in an opposite direction from where your heart seeks. Find out. Look for what your heart deeply wants.

There are always answers to your questions. Your heart would not be longing unless something in the Universe is equally longing for you. You can be sure that there is something that is longing for your attention. What have you never dared to do?

It can be anything. It can be to take a course. Find out where your adventure will lead you. You are opening a venue in your life.

Invent a recipe. Write a book. Start something new.

You may already know that status quo is not enough for you.

What are you waiting for? What prevents you? Step over the line of your present Life. There is no end to Life. Your Life is always beginning.

Life is unending.

Every day you begin.

Your old Life may not be enough for you now. Do you think this is regrettable? This is desirable.

You can live many Lifetimes in one Lifetime!

You are not setting out to break a record, not at all. You yourself are breaking out from confines you may not have been aware of.

How many times do you think of Life as Unlimited? Think of it now.

Where are you going? You don't have to get there in break-neck speed. At the same time, there may be a Great Adventure ahead of you. Are you an undeveloped artist or musician? Are you a writer? Who are you that you have not yet discovered?

What lies before you? What lies before you doesn’t demand certainty.

You are finding out. You are on the Path of Discovery. You are also choosing your path. Get started wherever you are. You are claiming yourself. You are definitely not denying yourself.

What could be in line for you now? What is written on your palm and in your heart?

You are not yet marked in stone.

Do you want to work with clay? Work with clay.

Do you want to work with hammer and nails? What would you like to build? Then build it.