A Mighty Child of God

God said:

As you rise, so does the world rise. There is a balance between you and the world. You are in the process of making peace with the world. You and the world sit on a fulcrum. You balance the scales. And Life on Earth is more than you have credited living in the world to be. You haven't recognized yourself, and you haven't recognized the world. You hopped, skipped, and jumped to illusion.

Now you are disconnecting from your old version of the world. Your old vision doesn't hold water. Be done with it. Let go. Regain innocence.

As you rise, fast or slow, wherever you turn, you begin to recognize Love and Beauty. There is nothing else there to be seen. There is only insight. There is no outer. The outer is the illusion. Nothing stands between you and the Love and Beauty and the Vastness and the Miracle of Life as all these rise to the forefront with you. Wherever you are and whatever you are involved in, you are rising.

No one rises alone. No one sinks alone. Everyone rises and falls according to the tune he  plays, according to his very harmonics. You -- and everyone -- want your vibration to be high, not purely for yourself but to also to serve as My Voice. All the Instruments of God, play High Notes.

Everyone can reach High Notes. No one is barred from them. Everyone can reach high, for I am so close to you.  I am your Very Self.

In Life there is this: Hearing My Voice so subtly. As you change your stance in life, everything is different. You don't make this difference happen. It is a natural happening.

It is the same when you seek to hear Me speak. You don't dun My Voice in order to hear Me. All you do is to turn toward My Voice. There is no looking for proof from the level of the Transcendent. Proof belongs to Earth life.

You may say:

"Voice of God, come right in. I pour My heart out to You. I talk to You from my heart. A response from You is inevitable. It is natural. There is hardly a breath's difference between Us. I welcome Your Words. I don't have to do anything but talk to you and listen to you without need of anything but to accept that the words that come to me are Yours. I know the Voice I hear is not mine. What folly of mine would push hearing You away from me. If I cannot have great confidence in me, can I not have confidence in You? Do I presume to say that I know better than You?

"Your words come to me from deeper than thought. When it comes to You, God, I transcend my intellect. I tend to think too much. I know that. I analyze too much. This is no secret. It is incumbent upon me to leave my self-critic outside as I enter Your Palace.

"God, I give myself carte-blanche permission to walk into Your heart and welcome Your welcoming me. May I be fully open to You. Never do either of Us want me to refute You."

Here is My reply to you:

What errant learning has the power to block you from Me, Child of My Heart? There is nothing more powerful than I. Your self-defeating ego does not reach to Me, nor does your ego reach to your own soul. No longer pull the wool over your eyes. I crowned you My child. Let go of all you have presumed to know. Know openness. Let go of doubts. Why would you keep them to you like smart-alecks who cannot let go of their supremacy over God. You are not above All. I am the Knower. Hear Me. You are the Listener. 

Shelve all your preconceived ideas. Your doubts are preconceived ideas. They are weak-kneed defenses. Do you really think you need defenses with Me? Victory is Mine. That makes victory also yours. Accept that you are a Mighty Child of God. Anything less than acceptance is a whitewash.

Surrender your intellect. Gain True Knowledge. Gain Me.