A Master Painting of Love

God said:

You are all set again. Something great is opening up. Yes, the whole world is opening up. You may feel this as New Energy, New Bursts of Energy, a New Feeling, a Feeling Newly Abundant for you.

This New Feeling is a growing sense of Oneness. The world is having a New Unveiling of itself, as it were. If life on Earth is a play, which, of course, it is, this is a New Rendition of Life on Earth that you are eager to enter into.

This is a new SPECTACULAR Presentation. This resurgence can be compared to black and white movies becoming TECHNICOLOR. Overnight, it seems.

Yes, you are creating a Master Painting of Love which correlates to peace. We are welcoming Peace to Earth and Good Will.

There are gradations of Peace in the World. Peace isn't new. Everyone knows the feeling of peace. In Truth, you are surrounded with peace. Peace has always been around like daisies for you to pick.

Instead of what you mean by facing facts – all the illusions of seriously-observed negative wailing – I remind you to take a look at Truth instead. Truth is no longer off stage on the wings. Truth is right here right now where you can see it. Truth is just coming around the corner. Here comes Truth. Truth musters its courage and is rallying and becoming up to date. The future you have long longed for is here.

In terms of the world, this is the Springtime of Life. Bulbs are coming up. Trees are blooming, all your old favorites. There is something not just new on Earth but renewed. For example, butterflies are not new. Butterflies are flying to Earth and delighting hearts as butterflies naturally know how to do. Your heart is becoming a butterfly that knows how to delight other hearts. You are coming into your own. You are coming into My heart which is very definitely your Own.

There is a renewed hum in the air. Never mind what you see on the news. Peace on Earth is blooming. You are part of an Irreplaceable Concert on Earth. Listen to your playing all the songs in the world that you didn't even know you knew. Ta dum ta dum ta dum. And how light of foot you have become. Your feet hardly touch the ground. You didn't even know all the music that you are ready to sing and all the steps you are ready to dance or that you had been preparing for this moment all your life.

The world is graduating. The world is coming of age. You are on a new Horizon of Life. You know that Life on Earth is meant to be this way. You always knew.

The world has a new glow. What is this radiance that you feel? Why, it is Truth Rising. What is Ascension but Truth? Now you come into your True Inheritance. Ascension has always been your True Inheritance. Your True Inheritance has been like a fabulous car parked in a garage. Now this fabulous car is on the street. No more cars hidden away. All conveyances are now out in the sunshine. You, too, now bask in the Sun of God's Love where you have always desired to be, and, in Truth always were.

Who can accept less now?

You can see that all the cars are driving out into the fresh air. All the cars are out of the garage. The Cars of True Inheritance are warming up! Listen to the revving of the motors. Varoom! Varoom! Varoom! All this Newness is revving up. You are installing all this sense of Newness. You have brought this Light to Earth. You started humming this tune before you quite realized you were.

What you inherit is rightfully yours. Drink deeply of the Nectar of Love. Love is blazoning on Earth. Good going! You are inheriting the Earth.