A Heavenletter is Born

God said:

Beloved, you are the heartfelt song I sing. You are the music to My ears. I, God, even as there is Oneness, in terms of the world, I alone speak forth to an individual Godwriter from the depth of My Heart, and a Heavenletter is born. And another and another is also happily born.

The whole world can hear and listen to what I whisper gladly, and what I whisper, I would love to be heard by all.

What you receive from Godwriting as offerings from Me to the world are for all. My chosen Words, however, aren’t to be modified by any other individuals as it may occur to them down the road.

Godwriting is between the original Godwriter and Me. No other Human Being is to intervene. No one is to improve nor improvise on Godwriting which is, after all, Mine.

There is a certain path of Godwriting. Read a Heavenletter. Relish it. And do not take it asunder. My choice of original Godwritings stays in the hands I first hand it to! Beloved, no one is to take asunder what God has put together..

Godwriting appears as it appears. Godwriting is Mine. It is not for a bystander to stir the waters.

There is a certain intimacy between Me and the Godwriter who first hears My Words whispered and writes them down. A certain intimacy may include a certain rhythm, a certain beat, a certain undertone, certain words and expressions. It is My desire that Heavenletters be read as they are originally given.

Every Godwriter has his personal imprint. No one else is to take it on himself to change words of any Heavenletter from its original form as given and received by its Godwriter.

My Desire is that everyone in My Kingdom read Heavenletters as they are originally written. No one is presumed to know better than I. I, Who create and do not own, I affirm that My words in Heavenletters are to be left My Words as they are written. My God-Written Words as first written are not intended to be anyone else’s spin in the park.

Beloved, there is one big exception to this, and it is indeed a good one.

I invite translations in your native language for the benefit of Heavenreaders who would like to read God’s Words in their native tongues. Heavenletters come from on high and not from the everyday world to be taken as free game. Stay humble.

It is a great service official Heavenletter volunteer translators give – and a responsibility they take on. In the case of translators, I give translators the privilege to follow the original heartbeat of a translation to the best of their ability. Of course, translating Heavenletters is a special art.

The language of a Heavenletter cannot be translated literally because of the specifically high levels in which I immerse Heavenletters. It can be said that Heavenletters are read between the lines, and translators have to translate between the lines.

Of course, translating Heavenletters is not the same as translating directions on how to cook potatoes.

There are tried and true volunteer translators who say that they feel that translating Heavenletters feels like what an original take on Godwriting must feel like.

May you find joy. This is a good reason to translate Heavenletters into your own tongue.

At the same time, may your heart be here for greater than its joy alone. May it be for the joy of the world.

Please know, Beloved translators, you, who as a team and as individuals, volunteer from the bottom of your hearts. So long as you are happy, in you, I, God, trust.

Hearts are to follow joy for themselves and and give joy to others. Joy alone.